The Triangle Theory – PLT MD

artist: The Triangle Theory
title: PLT MD
keywords: Boston
Label: Fish Print

Hello! Welcome to Hell! Or no, a pre-view of hell in audio form! Or so, I hope! As Listening to this PLT MD by The Triangle Theory is like wading into the flames of a place that is actually on fire, every single thing around you is burning, every step that you make is like placing your feet on a red hot piece of sissling coal. Ghosts and doomsbells fill up the fumes of the smoke, making sure you will know that your future faith of death might be just around the corner, that you too will never leave this place as a healthy living being with bones, meat and blood pumping through it.

Yet, the burning, the fire, the hellish world of doomedness feels like it is the most embraceable thing to enter. It’s like the kind of place that has such a mix of pleasure and pain that it balances each other out. You might be hot and ouchy all over your body when wading so shockingly into this realm of the horned goat, probably having difficulty inhaling fresh air & feeling the life as you have always known it – probably speeding towards a terrifying end…

But something within this maddening spiritual realm of evil and suffering, there is that dominating feeling of being at home, having finally found that spot that will accept you, as the you that you are, probably perforating all your sinful sins and sorrows while vaporizing them along with your ego and character into a small peculiar particle that is accepted as a petite offer for the many demons, feasty creatures of the fallen beast and all others that had suffered the same faith before you.

Yes, this album is a define real life field recording of what only can be described as the infernal regions, a place in which the devil herself has been poking up the hotness for all those lost souls to dance upon for the rest of eternity. Hearing it loud through the speakers will immediately toss you into the pit of eternal damnation, yet it does seem like less terrifying and horrible as the book of the good lord and it’s followers will try to make you believe that it is. To me this proofs that Hell isn’t so bad after all and if it still terrifies you, maybe getting to know it in a safe audio form as presented over here (before you will visit it in the after life for real) might be a good option to go for. Come on in, the biggest barbecue in the underworld is awaiting your arrival:

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