Cat Temper – Something Whiskered T Shirt

Artist: Cat Temper
Title: Something Whiskered T Shirt
Format: T Shirt
Genre: unknown

Well people, what can I say? I really enjoyed the cat themed future retro synth music by Cat Temper, heard the albums, watched Erasurehead with Cat Temper’s ‘Henry’ replacing the movie’s original soundtrack, listened with joy to ‘Digital Joy’, tuned in and danced away with ‘Purring Vengeance’ and the great sounding digital version of the ‘Something Whiskered’ release. But than I became a bit greedy, ordering another thing blindly from the Cat Temper’s collectibles…

When it arrived by post I was overly excited, I knew it would be better than good; it was Cat Temper so it would at least be awesome! But than I opened it and yes… it certainly did look great and all that, but I quickly realised that it was one of those concept releases pressed on (a for me) difficult to play format. I have a couple of them gathered throughout the years, but unfortunately did not have found the right way to get any music out of it . Trust me, I did my research, trying to find the format’s player to get the music out of my crappy but loyal speaker system, but with sadness in my eyes I admit that I never had any success.

Unfortunately, even though my previous research, I did not really find a way to solve the mystery. However I did found out that T-Shirt was the common name for the format, but it seemed to me that things like floppy disks, mini discs and odd pieces of weird shaped vinyl have been more popular than the T shirt format, or at least clearer how to get the music out of it. I don’t get it though as there are seemingly lots of releases out on the T shirt format, but there is as good a no info to be found how to get these things to work. It’s as if the labels and artists are in some kind of complot theory; releasing stuff on a format we can’t really seem to play, but are all pretending that it is actually playable. Leaving me and hopefully any other music lovers hopelessly confused and disorientated. Probably so much so that they won’t even speak up, post their problems on forums in the hope to find some kind of online guru that gives the answers to this technical issue.

Now don’t get me wrong, even though I haven’t been able to hear Cat Temper’s Something Whiskered T Shirt, but I do blindly know that it must be very epic. So whether it is indeed a elaborate joke or that it is just me being a complete idiot; I’m sure this t shirt is one of the releases that collectors will probably enjoy to collect, put in their trophy treasure box or hang somehow on their wall even if they are (like me) clueless how to get the music out of it!
But good news for people interested in a easy and direct way to discover and play the music by Cat Temper, you can just visit this artist’s bandcamp account and enjoy:

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