Title: Love Goddess
Keywords: amazing, top US super star, real, beats, greatness

With billions of loyal fans around the world, you might wonder why we would even pay attention to a very famous and legendary superstar? After all aren’t we the kind of place that should be spending time pushing the arts of the talented unknowns and the unsigned? The weird and the experimental that nobody ever had heard from? I guess sometimes it’s good to take a break from them lot and lick up to the biggies like we have done with Madonna, The Beatles, Vomir, Justin Timberlake & Lady Gaga. Now it’s time for the most legendary super star of them all: CHIEF KOOFFREH!

You have probably read praises about him in the newspapers, heard his songs undoubtedly on every radio station available , seen him perform on every television around the the world, you probably heard his voice more than you have heard yours when attempting to sing in the shower. CHIEF KOOFFREH is such a phenomenal phenomenon that you would have to be buried deep under the ground not to have been touched by this tremendous talent. I swear that if you look in the latest print of an authentic dictionary you will see his name printed in bold next to the word ‘artist’ that’s how big CHIEF KOOFFREH is and had become.

Of course the worldwide success of CHIEF KOOFFREH is well deserved, the man knows how to manhandle the microphone, to drop the longest beats and sing the most beautiful songs with topics that all in society will relate with or at least will get some crucial conversations going. We at yikis expect that many people will spend the Christmas family reunion with the music of CHIEF KOOFFREH blasting out of their speakers! It’s the kind of music that brings people together, forget their differences or long running feuds as they are all wiped away when CHIEF KOOFFREH’s art will come their way!

With topics as sexual needs, female empowerment, revenging the shameful bad out-of-control doctors that killed Micheal Jackson or took away the wrong arm or eye & blessing the good doctors that didnt… but also subjects that might be jubilantly controversial among some households like the honest work that is prostitution, cancer being inflicted into the balls through the use of viagra pills , the hard dealings of losing a good friend in the army, eternal love and a good reason to treat your over right. All the way toward that fine celebrating moment to see someone you like in the nude, naked – forever; CHIEF KOOFFREH is covering it all with a smooth set of banging minimal hip hop beats as the enforcers.

Of course the very danceable songs with their very high sing-along lyrics are an not to be missed experience on their very own, but it’s also CHIEF KOOFFREH’s excellent music videos that explain the legendary artist it’s world wide success! With an obvious big budget for their production, nothing had been spared to make CHIEF KOOFFREH and this star’s music to shine like the magnificent golden nuggets that it all is!

Think of the CHIEF KOOFFREH and his amazing dance moves, the spectacular dancers surrounding him, the beautiful shots of fireworks or parades! It’s truly a feast for the ears, eyes and the intelligence! Beauty even! As who will not be charmed by CHIEF KOOFFREH’s appearance, his magnificent aura, incredible playback skills, his dressing sense, incredible moustache and overwhelming smile!

Because of yikis being a professional music review outlet, I thought to focus on one album by CHIEF KOOFFREH, as of cource an artist of this allure has so many albums out and about (leaving the success of a band like the Beatles far away in the shadows) it’s impossible to fully conquer the entire repertoire that CHIEF KOOFFREH had brought into the world.

The album “Love Goddess” is simply an amazing joy to hear, one with a tremendously high replay value. It already being lovingly filled with plenty of incredible strong songs that are enough reason to wet your pants for, but imagining playing these tunes on repeat: and you know that life simply will never be the same ever again!

It starts with the instant ground breaking song ‘Pimp you pussy cat’ that had became an enormous hit among prostitutes on earth. CHIEF KOOFFREH simply drops a steady beat to sing a very energetic feel good song about the personal prostitution business and the honest right for owners of pussies to make some honest cash by pimping out their pussy cats. Empowering is probably the right word, although in hidden corners fans have whispered that they might suspect the chief doing this secretly for himself. Who knows? It’s hard not to think that ‘Pimp you pussy cat’ is the song that potential pimps might use to lure some workers in with.

‘Do not marry that bitch she is trouble and waste of your time’ is another instant classy classic in which CHIEF KOOFFREH intellectually warns us about a certain person that you shouldn’t merry. A gold digger that you should run away for! According to our legendary pop star some people are just out to make your life troublesome! CHIEF KOOFFREH honestly sings it so passionately over here that I can’t put out the thought that CHIEF KOOFFREH probably had made the mistake himself and is now warning the world that marrying this person will give you hell on Earth! His trademarks eh eh eh, oh oh oh as heard in most of his songs are instantly keeping it beamingly positive around the man’s honest advice!

One of the most popular tunes by CHIEF KOOFFREH in the world is the super catchy and delightfully sounding ‘she will cut your balls off big guy stop the abuse of women’. It is what I would like to say ‘the highlight in this artist’s massive music carrier’ even though with so many albums and song topics out there it’s probably just a personal guess. In this tune CHIEF KOOFFREH fills the rhythm up with great advice; it’s so good and honest that all abusers will immediately stop abusing when they hear this incredible performance, they will also all probably start to wear double panties when they go to sleep as CHIEF KOOFFREH warns in a delighted high voice that the one they abused will happily remove your balls! Never in my life I heard anything so fantastic! Such good advice and being delivered in such an incredible catchiness! Sung like a true professional, wonderfully aimed to conquer hearts with truths and be a dance floor filler at the same time!

The one and only CHIEF KOOFFREH might be the biggest household name ever to be featured here on our humble underground blog, but in this case it’s simply absolutely worth it! Next to the album ‘Love Goddess’ there is an entire world to explore! Songs about Oprah, love and marriage to a 5th grader, princess Diana and her mysterious accident, more love for Micheal Jackson,
Please do get his albums from the rightful source and swim in pure quality… even if you are a die hard underground fanatic you can’t run away from CHIEF KOOFFREH (he might send someone to cut your balls off – that is if you had them in the first place. Here, go and get some of this star’s albums and enrich your life:


P.s. Thanks to Phantom Circuit for digging me up from the underground and turning me onto the wonderful world of CHIEF KOOFFREH

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