The Doll/Yol – BE LIKE WATER

Artists: The Doll/Yol
Title: BE LIKE WATER The Doll/Yol
Keywords: experimental noise sea shanties voice water UK

Hello, how are you? Ready to be thrilled, shocked, inspired and blown away? Good! Let me walk you through this album one track after the other:

Be like water’ is the unexpected aggressor that made me immediately think of chopped up spicy peppers of the hottest kind, nicely mixed in a mixer with some tap water and The Doll and Yol chomping it down like true champs! I can imagine tears in their red eyes, tongues and throats burning like hell, making them both perfectly ready and on the edge to record this ‘song’ as if their life had been depending on it. Flames pop out of their mouths that are dry like sand paper and annoyed with their psyche that made them drink this undrinkable drink. They suffer through self harm but do this for the art, the punk spirit and to make this recording into one that is unlike any other. The water flow that they flush out to save their inner parts is somehow magically taken the form and shape of a metal moment, clearly proving that there is no need for electric distorted guitars to get a mosh-pit worthy sound. We can only hope that The Doll and Yol haven’t damaged themselves forever over here, but than again; they are like water… perfectly capable to escape even the harshest of situations.

This brings us to them delivering ‘the hottest day of the year’ which is sounding for the biggest part as if the two artists managed to use the steady flow of water flushing down the sink as the backdrop for a wordless vocal expression. When I close my eyes I can see a hot steamy day with The Doll and Yol somewhere in the tropics, half naked under a waterfall in the middle of a hidden jungle. The sun might be burning, dangers might be all around them; but there, they are sizzling in coolness of the stream while singing the rightful oohs to keep the malaria away.

‘You’re not singing anymore’ is another collaboration between Yol and the Doll that teleports us straight back in the hell hole that the United Kingdom might be at times. Somehow they create this surreal hearing play that made me think of a new age hippy healing session gone wrong. Just imagine a guru that lovingly applies the sound-bath theme by playing the ringing sound of bowls, while at the same time pulling hairs out while frustratingly screeching out tremendous disdain about the lack of singing by nobody less than you, yourself. See it as a motivation work that cuts your throat if you aren’t getting motivated.

If this doesn’t help to get you off your chair and do things, you might want to jump in the ice bath that The Doll and Yol have prepared for you. It’s super cold and splashy, probably freezing too! So either we bathe like stone cold ego-deaths over there, or we jump up to do the things we have to do – or – simply suffer a heart attack from being exposed to such a massive temperature drop.

Yesterday in the middle of the night there was a sonic boom apparently generated by fighter jets (not according the many conspiracy theorists out there!) that could be heard by anyone in the London area, probably tilting people from their beds in a moment of shock terror. A missed opportunity for any sound and noise artist, as they would probably be sleeping on the moment of impact, instead of being caught in the brilliant act of doing a late night field recording. Luckily we got Yol and The Doll over here, not giving us a sonic boom but still jubilantly shocking us with an expressive passion that equals a bold fist and here and there a middle finger into the air! The signs of a pissed off aeroplane spotter probably being overwhelmed by too many aeroplanes to spot, making the hobby somewhat into a ruined annoyance! Just close your eyes and tell me you don’t see these two noise makers on top of a high building trying to clear the air traffic with a bazooka!

At the end The Doll & Yol retreat into their safe habitat, coughing like asthmatic psychopaths with yodelling tendencies. Twiddling like happy birds in order to make the surroundings of machines into something that would illuminate the fear of them taking over our lives, as with crazed noise people around like these two over here; they better keep quiet and slowly move away as they might end up as non conventional instruments with a survival ratio of as good as nothing!
it is very clear that The Doll and Yol don’t need machines to create thrilling pieces, they themselves are the noise machines that can’t stop spreading their menacing sounds into the world! Bless them, their unstoppable imagination and psycho attitudes that will make every guitar punk rock duo into a adorable piece of laughingstock.

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