Ray Kosmische – Flashback 1

Artist: Ray kosmische
Title: Flashback 1
Keywords: compilation crane house records experimental freak out psychedelic ray kosmische roots sound collage spoken word psychedelic pop Manchester

Ray Kosmische throws us into the shed for a weird experience of instantly falling through a different dimension. Things might becoming rather weird. Before knowing what the hack is going on, things are already different again, we might be even standing in someone’s room who gladly informs us that professionals that wants to be taken serious needs to shower at least for two hours a day, scrubbing every hole like a hygienic mentalist. When all is clean the portals of musicality are opening up to a loophole in which instant psychedelia seems to kick in, all in a way that felt as if our inner selves had een somehow beamed into the inside of a spaced out hippy on top of it’s heighty bit of an successfully positive LSD trip; pretty nice – some healthy unexpected flower power for the entire family!

After that we had fallen through the wall to end up in a wooden bar in which a band of cowboys are delivering a tune in which we could pretend to gallop on horses, clink beer glasses with each other and have strong conversations at the bar. When the music goes a bit ballistic it simply opens another hole for us to tumble through. Where it goes next is quite a place of delight , a short but candid place of starlight seeing, one that with every look & every stare you will feel more reduced into a state of laid back intoxication. Music surrounds us with a flute that is spacing out, creating a relaxed atmosphere in which it feels as if we had been smoking a lot of ganja to potentially floor an elephant.

Of course the trip isn’t over, as for some reason we find ourself in another weird homely situation in which solidarity in vocals are seemingly teaming up with a person trying to communicate through some kind of old school communication system, (walkie talkies?) but comes across as a burping frog that burps while the hummingbirds of music settle on a feel good moment in the mix.

An intoxicating mix it is, as when the last bit of the trip arrives things feel as if we are in the house of a hip hop producer that had lost the plot, one who had become a genius of an enormous other kind, too smart to communicate with words and beats, but instead manages to bring an entire zoo out in the shape of deliciously delirious sounds, managing madness like a out of this world oracle trying to track in down into a recording that feels pretty much out of this ordinary world. This is the end, not of this world,but of this fine psychedelic trip that you can have when you open your ears and play the following release:

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