Assassin Of Sound – Earth Suite Reworks EP

Artist: Assassin Of Sound
Title: Earth Suite Reworks EP
Keywords: experimental Lancashire
Label: Wormhole World

I can assure you that hiring the assassin of sound won’t get you to feel like a sneaky criminal who masterminded a dodgy hit on a sound that you have no empathy for. As apparently being the assassin of sound isn’t the hard faced killer who shoots ultra precisely a beam of harsh noise in the neck of a victim from a safe distance… I know you might have thought that, but it couldn’t be more further removed from the truth: Assassin of sound is not assassinating any sounds, but does override the silence, but this is done in such a careful way that even silence will come out of it alive and well. Probably smiling and refreshed as if it had taken a well deserved holiday.

Maybe it’s because the Sound assassin has teamed up its skills with an nice A-team of goodies over here, this might be the reason why it might have been pulling a straight face and not stepping out in total assassin modus. But whatever it is, when your ears are at close range you got nothing to worry, only perhaps if you have a phobia for excellent trip music, but who on Earth has been blessed by such a rare disease (the entire main stream music lovers perhaps?).

The sound assassin or better known as the ‘assassin of sound’ sits down for three masterful reworks of Earth Suite, at the beginning it spends a wonderful time being masterminded again with the legendary Radio Europa whose super stardom proofs to me that this is not a case of sneaky mobster behaviour, but something that is done and celebrated out in the open. The result of their get together clearly should get a reward for sounding exactly as the perfectly fitting music that fits the sight of this artwork picture exactly. It’s astounding how they made a welcome to the end sound like an incredible sunset, one with pretty imaginative glows and mushroom-worthy micro adventures that aren’t at all about to put a pillow over your face when you close your eyes for a bit. Radio Europa and the assassin of sound are clearly not there in ill faith, but secretly on a mission perhaps to get rid of bad music instead by replacing it with the material that fits the perfect postcard of a pretty sight of sun meeting the night.

Also the mysterious artist named Human Concept had been hanging out with the sounds of the assassin of sound, reworking a track called ‘arctic’ , (by the way; I would expect the arctic to be the perfect place to execute a murder and getting away with it 🙂 ) but in music form over here there seems to be no murderous temptations, no executions or silent killers; but more the melodic wonder of electronica that proofs to be kind, gentle and melodically nice. If this is the work of bad people that liquidate sounds for a living, than it must be said that they are excellent at covering their tracks. With rhythmic elements, piano sparkles of sheer mystique and a stabbing electro bass things simply feel like a happy happening in which we can be at ease among the sounds of a good crowd.

Also Xqui hangs out with the assassin of sound, rolling out their bold friendship sound in a louder way, beeping out the final preconceived ideas that these people are bounty hunters, shady individuals with bad intentions or simply killers into the bin of no return; they are the sound makers, not eliminators or exterminators but the ones that make music and heroic bombastically pleasant noise that can’t be dented, wiped out or badly talked upon; they might be tough, but obviously gentle giants in a excellent world of creativity. Bad music or crappy audio will avoid anything surrounding this EP and only good people with the taste for adventure, an open mind and a will to be tossed into an audible sensation that is wildly pleasant will press play without any fear of repercussions! Go and check it out as these tracks definitely won’t kill you!

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