Logosamphia – HOW TO [Postrelease un-remastered]

artist: Logosamphia
title: HOW TO [Postrelease un-remastered]
keywords: 2000 90s electronic experimental bebop breakcore chipcore circuit bending classical electroacoustic elektro jungle neopolka robot soundtrack Rotterdam

Logosamphia, the project, the legend behind it and it’s incredible upbeatness that has spread its love wider than a ballerina’s ability to spread his or her legs. The good man is battling the revenge of the evil croissant, the French delicatesse more dangerous than the black plague has left him hospitalized. Luckily he has been pampered, snowed in with tremendous love, incredible nurses of various genders and ages, caring doctors and a whole lot of incredible friends. real or imaginary – it doesn’t matter!

While he is fighting an inner war to get the last bits of oven baked dough out of his system, we listen in his honor to nothing but Logosamphia. Logosamphia in the morning, Logosamphia in the midday and even Logosamphia in the evening, night and at the exclusive special ‘toilet times’. Hell, we even have Logosamphia while having english tea with our saluting little pinkies in the air! Cheerio!

Of course we have covered the breakcore fusion persian anarchy wicked party vibes of Logosamphia a whole lot over here, but surprisingly not this historic piece of HOW TO (a unmastered master piece that goes in the books as a postrelease)… It’s like going down memory lane, taking a deep look back the history books, staring at old baby photos of Logosamphia and seeing this raw diamond already shine bright with all its mad potency!

It goes in like candy, a very nice bombastic kind of candy; perhaps more like a bowl of crunchy cookies that you eat with bowl and all… It’s a nonstop mini mega mix that might be chopped up in separate tracks, but is recommended to hear all in one go, as they seem to be made to be superglued to each other!

To me this proves my theory that mastering is just a bit of fancy bullcrap, as anyone who tells me that this album doesn’t sound like a bulging bulge of the purest and rawest energy that cannot be tamed by a master is either a croissant lover, or indeed a total twat with ears miraculously placed in their groin area. These perfectly fun tunes are like a wild untamable child, with melodies, screeching beats, energetic madness that is of the jolliness that would elevate even a winter-sleeping bear from its sleep for an instant upbeat quirky party!

I’m glad that Logosamphia didn’t hide this bombastic craziness away in the attic, didn’t hide it away in an old shoe box next to a collection of toenails, as this bird really needed to fly! And so it does, happily, spreading smiles, joy and good times to anyone daring and caring enough to get swallowed in, sucked up and press the goddamn ‘play’ button!

You can use it as party music, as material to put on when ‘doing things’ (with things i mean anything that you can possibly imagine – from bungee jumping, to knitting a sock while high on speed – hell, even doing the dishes will be fun with this mad-fest blasting itself away!
You might do excersizes, sporting activities, happily binging on a game of hardcore bingo, breakdancing all over the place or having the wildest wilder than wildlife sex in your entire life: this HOW TO by Logosamphia will be the empowering soundtrack that will enlarge your drive and make you excited, fueled up and energized!

Vaginas will smile, penises will wiggle! Logosamphia’s youthful bender is a happiness that you simply cannot miss out on! Hell, even the duck tales are included, so what the hell are you waiting for? You need fun loving cute melodies? check! you need breakbeats? check! you need good old time memories? check! hilarity? yep! Bass? hell to the yes! Kicks? oh yes please!
With the music of Logosamphia around you simply have no need to put your fingers in an electric socket, as this unshaven goody of a mega classic will safely electrocute you for a very revitalizing bliss of the purest happiest energy!

Stay away from croissants, eat this stuff instead! Good party vibes for the entire family: FEEL THE LOVE – ENJOY THE POWER!

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