The Dead Heads – Kylo Ren Slips On A Banana Peel

artist: The Dead Heads
title: Kylo Ren Slips On A Banana Peel
keywords: christmas experimental kylo ren skywalker star wars comedy crazy electronic food keyboard movie sci-fi soundtrack weird United States

If you need some instant action that will make you happy, smile and hungry for delicious banana action, the latest EP by The Dead Heads is the highly recommended thing that you might need. You just click play and immediately start to slip and slide with the silliness. It’s as if you have become a person named Kylo Ren (we must google it – googled it – takes note never to google anything again) falling nonstop over a banana peel for a wonderful slapstick situation that keeps on giving.

If the comedy of banana peel sliding isn’t enough to make you all giggly, The Dead Heads have no problem giving you more than what you could have possible bargained for; yep, the sounds of Kylo Ren falling down the stairs! Think of a Benny Hill style action of dropping down the staircase over and over again, it’s hilarious and yet doesn’t even seem to be in the need for a build in laughing track!

Of course after slipping and sliding over banana peels & funnily falling down the stairs The Dead Heads knows what their listeners need to hear next: yup, Kylo Ren wrapping up Christmas presents! What a joy to hear the wrapping paper and the exciting sounds of Kylo Ren wrapping! It’s like listening to a child on the happiest day of its life!

For the final moment of niceness, the Dead Heads provide us a ‘sing a long’ Kylo Ren blues, in which the inviting vocal whoooooaaa whoooooaaa’s are teamed up with some fancy piano plinky ploink. I don’t know about you, but it made me think of retreating in a pub, the smell of cheap beer and greatly becoming more and more bananas! It might be short, but it’s pretty good! Or maybe I had bananas in my ears for the entire listening session, which is a possibility that might actually not be so far from the truth. In any case, here is a quick bit of jolly nonsense:

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