Carya Amara – From Ground to Sky

artist: Carya Amara
title: From Ground to Sky
keywords: croydon electronic experimental live United Kingdom

It doesn’t happen every day that you bump into something special like the music of Carya Amara, but when you do, you might step one step back, look at it and then politely slip out a “pardon me”. Automatically and full intrigue ready to stare into the music it’s deep eyes, only to realize that this is not just a chance encounter, but one of those special unique moments in which time will suddenly be brought to a stand still, leaving your human body frozen as you (as an individual) will fall undoubtedly into a miraculous trance.

Other travelers might pass by, hardly being aware of your mesmerized state, probably not even aware of the sacred secret passageway that this music is offering had been standing and walking among all of them… People seem to be too busy minding their own business, too hectic to stare at you, or the special music that had stopped you in your daily happenings. A moment of intense staring between the two of you begins as the rest of the world keeps on doing their thing.

It’s as if your spirit has been flying into the tones of psychedelic warmth, the kind in which the sky is the limit, audio that cannot be found in any of the others around us, it is the kind of sounds that are wonderfully alienating, either coming from another planet, or perhaps from another dimension, providing something that you had never witnessed so intensively before. Organic organ tones will lure you in even further, ready to make you crash into the soul of this mysterious music. I say ‘music’ but it’s pretty clear that it is something different, something that doesn’t fit any genre box and is intelligent enough to never will be.

Deep inside you can hear its inner core rumbling and rattling, it eclectically flops out its rhythmic secret workings, letting you in for a private backstage visit in which you can see the mechanics of the music of Carya Amara, there they show themselves to you as they are beating itself alive like a groovy heartbeat. Later on you might have an intense revelation; a truly interesting adventurous climb upwards, one that goes through the music’s liver, appendix, throat, bouncy tongue, all the way back towards the music’s big pupils again. From here you can see what the music sees & here you will realise that the music stares back deep into your very own eyes…

There you can oddly watch yourself standing like hypnotized individual that is intrigued to say the least, still very much entranced by this moment of pure surrealism. Probably closing and opening the eyes in a rapid speed, politely apologizing as you return back into your own body-vessel, probably while still brushing off the music’s coat in an embarrassing move to clean up any dirt that might have come onto it from you so miraculously bumping into it…

…But before knowing what it was that you had encountered, the music had already been long gone, leaving you there clueless , without name, phone number or even an email address to go hunting for… only left is memories and dreams! & of course this little article on yeah i know it sucks & this handy link that will make bumping into this music a much more approachable goal to go for:

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