Pettaluck – Vainglorious Faux Pas

Artist: Pettaluck
Title: Vainglorious Faux Pas
Keywords: experimental folk indie pop instrumental Southend On Sea

Pettaluck’s Vainglorious Faux Pas is quite different than the recent album that had been released on Wrieuw recordings. Different in a sense that it is more minimal and perhaps even a bit more experimental, while still having that picturesque honest Pettaluck sound that is creative and free. On it she is first celebrating her birthday in a most unique audio way. Followers of this blog might already know about her ability to play the balloon, but it is a complete mystery what she is using here to generate this birthday sound. It might be a combo of a birthday whistle and a balloon too, or just a internal recording of her inner-bits celebrating in excitement. In any case it’s bewildering and puzzlingly exciting.

After the birthday celebration Pettaluck brings something that pushed me over the line to write about this release, she did this with a very lovely moment of one to one action. It is called ‘the downfall of human civilisation’ and very much made me lovingly think of the singing on some legendary recordings of Moondog (my research ends here – you might have to and play the legend’s entire discography to find what I’m talking about ) , it has that authentic streetwise pleasantness, that wise sound that makes it all alright, no matter what it is; even the end of the world seems to be brushed off like a moment in which we (Pettaluck and the nice friends like you and me) all will come out alive and well. Pettaluck sounds so trustworthy and not at all providing a moment to pack your bags and fly to the moon for. She rather gives us a hug and sits with us while we face our fears together and conquer them delicately. Maybe I’m imagining things over here, but I do think it is truly delightful.

Than there is the recording of Pettaluck bringing us down into an empty cafe. This must be a place the artist feels very comfortable in as she plays the sounds as if she is safely surrounded in a potentially action filled comfort zone. A cafe in which she uses the opportunity to make her own by optimising the emptiness by filling it up with her sounds of music. She seems to happily sing with her mouth into the many glasses, delightfully plays with the cutlery and enjoys the lack of people by using the acoustics for her own inner star to shine.

Pettaluck also managed to create a song especially for you. Yes, you dear reader! So please don’t let her wait so long and let your ears come over in order to hear it. It’s one called ‘waiting’ in which her truthful sincerity gets a mixture of psychedelic pop that in all honesty sounds very heartwarming; which is especially good news for when you are facing the cold winter days. You can enjoy it while embracing the sound that will do its best to make you feel all tingly inside from a state of being beloved. That surely must be nice to hear and feel for everyone involved!

Incidental Music for an Uncomfortable Silence is the last one on this pretty piece of trusted open minded fondness in Pettaluck’s experimental music form. With a quirky low tech rhythm on loop, Pettaluck sets out her hands on the keys of a warm sounding piano, pressing accidentally all the right tones to gives us the music to calm down anxiety, nerves and rattling thoughts; with humble tracks like these here made by the adventurously kind Pettaluck in our ears, every day will simply be our lucky day! I don’t know about you lot, but I feel this one and can’t say anything but: I love it!

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