Carya Amara – Vestigial Digital

Artist: Carya Amara
Title: Vestigial Digital
Keywords: electronic experimental United Kingdom
Label: Earthrid

Sometimes an album isn’t just some bits of music attached to each other, this one over here (the debut of Carya Amara) is a thoughtout work that listens as a very intense book, one that seems to be a story of a journey in which a trapped person breaks free from its confinement that is the surroundings and its inner brain. It’s hard to explain, so I will just walk you through it. You can listen and read along with it if you want, although the full on experience might be best to go for without me holding your hand… anyway here is my walk through of this very intensive, but highly recommended thrilling album:

In an act of mentalist mentality we dive once more deep into the psyche of Carya Amara, immediately to be greeted by Nietzsche is Dead, who gives an great intellect a reason to get its head incredibly stimulated, perhaps rearranged but definitely tickled with an undisclosed amount of euphoric sensations for the mind. With ears closely wrapped in a full on stereo provider Carya Amara comes out in its full effect, stimulating every inch and every corner of the thought and entertainment processors with enough activity only paranormal investigators would probably look unfazed by. Nietzsche might be dead, but if he heard this he would probably be very much alive.

Job’s Torturer goes into the painful stressful elements that can happen when you are stuck in a job that you aren’t enjoying. It’s an tremendously intensive experience, a very disturbing look inside the head of the normally blank faced office worker whose inner head is tormented with unhappiness, stress and anxiety. Carya Amara managed to bring this hidden world to the listener’s ears but also seems to have included a solution to it all as well. Sounds to escape in, a heartbeat to follow, imaginative flying birds and inner voices begging for mercy and an end of it all. At the end we can hear the time clicking away, more silent hearts in anxiety & I can only pray that the one’s inner head that Carya Amara had used to sample over here hasn’t been based on a moment of this artist’s real life.

Teslalations will deliver the latency of a fiery sound explorer that will give a listener some well needed relief. It is still sounding panicked and fatal, but in sound form it’s also emerging as a big blanked of interest in which a noise lover would secretly find a lot to live for in. It’s as if your ears are listening to the power grid of a reenergising subhuman that gets itself fully loaded up. The session is indeed very intensive, feeding us information in the voice that catapulted rephlex superstar Cyclob into the world stage.

Phallusy is the epicentre of noise punk, one in which the earlier tornmented job employee simply must have had enough, took out its micro guitar toy and shoot its entire office and all its colleagues delightfully into multiple pieces! It’s so satisfying, a freeing feeling of sweet revenge, a manic assault on what was once there and now will never be the same again!

Orthodox Sea starts with a applause that gets wonderfully treated to become a sea-like instrument of sound, one that gets lovingly intertwined on a densely hotbed of nameless drone, one with manic pulsating undertones to keep the potent anxiety alive in a fight for beauty and penetrative edginess. Who will be the winner? Can they live together in a case of harmonic peacefulness? Few might know or get to find out, but many should actually do take on the challenge as I do think it’s more worth to hear and go through than any of those lame Star Wars movies. This battle over here is just as much action, no Disney effects but taken straight out of real life with its full amount of unexpected twists, corners and untouchable moments. It’s like listening to a terrific scene in which the inner bits are trying to win domination for control; when the peacefulness is on top things become incredible beautiful, intensely pure and pretty; when the opposite is at work; total fear mode might stir up a panic attack. Luckily for me to say is that Carya Amara chose to close this chapter with a happy ending.

We needed that as the story of the debut album of Carya Amara isn’t done and over with. There is Viva Cadaver who sets a scene in which a theatric cast of abstract figurines are stepping around on a paranoid stage for a half comedy / half eccentric sci-fi thriller performance. Robotic voices, an mechanically orchestra; a smooth ending that leaves a lot to ask for.

The album ends with three different parts of Mind Versus Mindscale, which seems to involve subtitle field recordings. The first chapter is sounding like a nice walk in a zone in which no sane human or animal would probably go for a stroll; making it a very quiete place. One whose silence might be intensively enough that it might generate intense hallucinations. A thing that our artist indeed seems to provide in sheer audio form, creating an delirious look inside the imagination of someone that steps around in a world made up of the imaginations of the mind, a surreal zone in which animals do exist, a goat might be the alien with a wise wisdom of gold and bizarre encounters are all turning up for a trip a person would probably never really completely recover from.

When Carya Amara goes for the second chapter of this trip it’s going into a toxic zone that might be located on the sea shore. One that might be so filled with highly damaging hazardous waste fields that the fresh airs have been fairly replaced by fumes that would make the air inside the Fukushima power plant seems like healthy odours ready to be sniffed in. Yet, there is beauty to be found, perhaps because nobody would step a foot here which makes it the perfect place to come to your inner senses and get somehow a grip onto your own sane insanity.

At the end the trip that Carya Amara seems to share with us seems to have gone into a final chapter, one in which we can lick our wounds, heal our heads and reflect in peace of the intensive journey that this very intense soundtrack had given us. This is no background music, neither party music or an album for the faint hearted ready for some easy listening; this is like a good piece of literature of a person who battles its inner head and breaks free from the norm and find itself again in a new and reborn mental form. A journey of escape and glad to inform you all; a trip well worth taking with an end that is (spoiler alert!) open but positive! Wow!

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