Quimper – Rollo Bollo Jumpo

Artist: Quimper
Title: Rollo Bollo Jumpo
Keywords: experimental avant-garde haunting wonky pop United Kingdom

Endless sunless skies, it’s a theory that seems to be more real than fiction if you have been living in the English London area. It’s as if the rich overlords have been flying their secretive airplanes above the skyline filled with special cloud generating stuffs to battle heating up the city by blocking the sun. Where other parts of the English country had been all sunny and summery, London had a thing in which most of the days started of nice and than dumped itself into endless greyness in which the blue sky could never peek through. I don’t know if Quimper had been on the same paranoia (is it though?) line as me, but in any case they made a very fitting track for the phenomenon. You can just hear the blanket of grey clouds, the air full of bland greyness that makes it look as if you had been living in a depressive zone with a sky made out of carton. Luckily the music is less depressing, probably because Quimper has the good spirited spirit to take something like this and instead of sitting sadly in front of a window, uses the sight to get inspired and get creative. It is easier to spot that I’m a fan of Quimper’s music than blue skies in the English capital…

For the Dutch fans Quimper has included another mysterious goody included in this collection of new music. It is called ‘Kom er maar eens achter’ which I’m sure you would like to find out what this title means in Dutch… but music wise the track is even more interesting, going for a mysterious bubbling sensation with a nervous rhythm that made me think of peeking our heads from behind various building blocks, sneakily looking around to see if the coast is clear and no fancy jazz musicians are in sight. All is good, they are all in hiding and Quimper itself feels ready to be found, waiting for you to be taken by the hand and perhaps explore this inconceivable world of intrigue in a state of togetherness. Maybe now our paranoia might lay down low?

Whatever really, as Quimper throws a special cloak of invisibility over you and themselves and plays the safety music of Belgium Camouflage. Think of friendly minimal beats and a small doses of positive vibes that might warm out heart, thrills our ears as if wonderful chocolate got to sit on our tongue for a comforting melting taste sensation. Some people might claim it’s better than you-know-what and I can fairly agree; to be invisible and safely tucked away under the cloak of Quimper’s music is like a talisman protecting you from a world full of potential dangers. We are in good hands!

With Rolling Bollo Jumpo Quimper seems to have taken us on a ride to safety, running wildly through the darkness , filling up our hearts with bizarre warmth as we speedily bunny hop out of this unknown world. With Quimper at our side you won’t need a fancy Christmas sweater to protect you from the cold, you won’t even need a life Saving friend as this swift moment of soft action music will do fine. Grey skies, the terrible Christmas season, bad vibes of an grim reality will all be made insignificant and redundant while jumping here happily under the protective wings that the music by Quimper provides over here. I don’t know about you, but here it’s exactly what we needed! Who needs a space ship or a Scotty ready to beam you out of there, when you can hop out for a delicate escape with Quimper? Get Rollo Bollo Jumpo over here:

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