Snatch the Snail – Incoming Unknown

artist: Snatch the Snail
title: Incoming Unknown
keywords: alternative experimental rock psychedelic punk surf North Carolina

I woke up in the middle of the night. I stepped around in the dark as the light had been broken and suddenly I felt it… something slimy, something yukkie, something very intense between my toes. I swiped open a flashlight and there it was: Snatch the Snail! Thank goodness I didn’t fully step on it with all my weight; it would definitely be flattened.

Hiya Snatch, I said! I had been expecting you! (even though I really did not expect to see Snatch the snail here at this hour of the night – in my blackened bedroom at all)

Snatch the Snail had of course waited for this very moment in time for quite a long time, probably rehearsed many times while waiting for this special private encounter with the best serious music reviewer in the universe (that’s not me, but we can pretend it is). I have to admit, normally it’s not really all too nice when music just invites itself in the midst of the night, but looking and listening (!) to Snatch the Snail you can’t blame me for being very charmed and more welcomingly friendly to this musical intruder of cuteness.

Snatch the Snail used the light of my flashlight as the spotlight, performing all the excellent songs and tunes from Snatch the Snail’s Incoming Unknown album. There was lots of nice things to hear, sings to sing along with, some more adorable than others. I fall in love with Snatch the Snail’s “Party of None” which felt as if Bill and Ted’s excellent adventure stoners had wished for the perfect soundtrack to celebrate their friendship & Snatch the Snail just delivering it in all their perfectionism.

I just couldn’t stop smiling, even had to applaud at the right times, making the improvised spotlight shake a little; it was just so heartwarming to hear and see Snatch the Snail rocking out so cutely, without falling into the program, doing everything in its own style and flow… I don’t know, maybe it was because I was still a bit sleepy, but I did found Snatch the Snail terribly charming. I wouldn’t mind if Snatch the Snail was a stoner, a snail that liked to surf on waves or just one that enjoys to make abnormally fun music that would make the genre a whole lot cuter than most others that have been crawling out of these corners.

Snatch the Snail had simply covered its own special brand of smooth snailing, leaving a beautiful slimy trail of adorable patterns on my floor and pretty nice non pretentious music to my ears. I got especially charmed by Snatch singing about not wanting to change the diapers anymore, which -if you have a young baby/toddler- is a song in which you can nod and happily agree with. It sounds so nicely taken out of real life & so enthusiastically performed in a fun positive way that I can’t be angry at Snatch the Snail for invading my bedroom, but simply adoring them for their courage, nonsense and fun simplicity with actually sweet action that makes every song a fairly unique one.

I had to put the flashlight in my mouth to shine upon the snail as it was performing it’s jolly action filled hit ‘the actual worst’ as it had such a nice energy that I couldn’t resist to use my arms and legs to swingingly dance, a thing that continued with the final “Stay Tuned into the Signal” song… By then, I had already thought of a story to tell Snatch the Snail, something to hopefully convince this little slimy one to move into my house, so to bring more music entertainment day and night… but of course, when the private performance by Snatch the Snail was done i knew it would be very selfish of me to keep this greatly talented snail all for myself, the only thing that I could do was thanking it with all my might, telling that Snatch was welcome at any time & that i would promise to tell the world through this blog about this little fun encounter with this wonderful music maker that is Snatch the Snail.

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