Muep Etmo – The Original Instigator

Artist: Muep Etmo
Title: The Original Instigator
Keywords: experimental ambient electroacoustic experimental electronic noise plunderphonics post genre Porto
Label: The Spiritual Triangles

Without looking at a title or who the artist is, I tuned in blindly to just let these recording on this album all come over me in a unbiased way. It’s hard to say what had been going on, how it is made or arranged , other than that it is coming across as a very enjoyable collection of sounds that are being manipulated and arranged for us to create a noisy hearing play that could be loud, quite rhythmic in a sense, but all very nicely composed for an exciting semi abstract ride with glitchy tendencies, distortion and a likeable strangeness. It’s like classical music experimentation that is tightly orchestrated and well thought through, really making me as a lover of both (sounds – noises and smartly arranged orchestral compositions) very pleased and excited! So much so that at certain times I needed to squeeze my cheeks to see if I wasn’t dreaming up the existence of these audio works… so good!

At one moment it’s like being inside a messy attic, at another in Devo’s dodgy basement of memorabilia, hearing music in noise and noises shaped effectively into interesting music is simply a thrill that keeps on giving. Do I hear a mechanic bird, a synth going down the stairs, dark and light sounding items all being shaped as if they had been actual members of an avant-garde orchestra that for once sounds like something that is arranged and smartly taking the compositional tracks to places that are all nice from start to finish? It’s like the kind of material that takes the best out of both worlds; the classical sense and the love for sound. Noise for the concert building!

It made me think of a composer that chose a collection of items that had been found around instead of dealing with the normal ordeals of getting an whole arrangement of lukewarm traditional musicians to execute what this mysterious artist had in mind. In my head I saw the producer wickedly waving its conductor’s stick up and down and from side to side in front of a bunch of stuff that would normally be found outside, probably ready to be picked up for the skip. To me this all is coming across as quite amazing, as it’s not only a bit like pleasant recycling , it’s is also using the item generating noises to shine and do its thing, making them as proud as if they had been cellos, violins and a pretty horn section. Good on them! But even more excellent for us listeners who gets excited by great modern day classical compositions but are also fans of the more adventurous noise format. Underground meets uppperground and vice versa.

The composer clearly took a very modern approach, wasn’t scared to embrace the modern day effects that are now laying down at our fingertips and using them to create exciting pieces of sound/music arrangements. With all due respect to composer Karlheinz Stockhausen who might nicely pioneered the noise or music concept, the artist behind these arrangements on this fine album has taken this concept to the next level and I don’t know about all of you; but it gets me excited all the time! Just to hear the way that noises can be tamed to form music, sounds that become arranged in well worthy pieces of thrilling emotional future pieces; it’s simply the classical music you probably wished to hear dominating the classical concert theatres in this modern time – a time that should be the future… Why they are still filled with Brahms, Mozarts and Beethoven executions if there is something more interesting (like this material over here) around? We are living almost in 2020 for goodness sake! This wonderful sound/music should be the norm, probably attracting a young audience that will delightfully give it a standing ovation each and every night that it’s performed! I say: bravo! And clap firmly in both hands!

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