TFG – Swallow Sperm

artist: Totally Fucking Gay
title: Swallow Sperm
keywords: gay howard stern rock comedy electro grindcore homocore indie rock New York

Normally Christmas hits are not really the thing to jump up and down for, but this end of 2019 seems to be one that keeps on giving! Why? I have no idea, but whatever it is; we better feature the hell out of it! I mean who would want to miss out on cocky classy sing-a-longs?

Take for example this superb pre-cum Christmas gift released on friday the thirteenth over here, it might be the sleaziest comedic ballsy gay song that will bring the entire family just a little bit closer as they choke on a bone at the Christmas dinner. The line ‘first I stretch my anus – with my neighbor’s penis’ might for sure shine a total new light on the Star of the festive season.

Yep, “Swallow Sperm” by Totally Fucking Gay is a uncompromising continuation of what this band has been doing for as long as they existed, pleasing their many queer fans and their obvious admirers to the very max. With a good sense of story telling, some mad guitar and a clear notation of the voice we are treated with the pleasant notice of a medium rare anus, a very hilarious safe word and some kind of odd political undertones that might as well not be for everybody – but yet are deviously for everybody!

Who doesn’t like the laughter of shock, who doesn’t like to see their friends or relatives with a face of horror? Your naughty buddies having a grim face of hilarity? Just slightly slipping this song into the mega Christmas mix will be good for a bit of classy entertainment that will either be food for talk, be a reason why you would have more to eat (as others might have lost their appetite) or simply become the missing spice on the Christmas party spirit! In the Christmas world of TFG Santa’s catchphrase of Ho Ho Ho obviously stands for radical Ho Ho Homos!

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