Javarnanda – Mysteries of the Unknown

Artist: Javarnanda
Title: Mysteries of the Unknown
Keywords: cosmic music electronic dance funk new age retrowave soundtrack synthpop synthwave Italy

Never thought to be dancing around with dracula, although I did see a funny comedy once with a funny depiction of the legendary bat and coffin lover. But hey, still stepping into the zone of dracula and being evidentially dragged into some kind of funky party in which the character is celebrated by poppy co-stars as he is breathing suspiciously in my neck isn’t such a bad thing at all. It is at times maybe a bit threatening, as if it is a moment in which I have no choice than writing a positively bright review / write up or Dracula itself might put its teeth a little deep into my neck… But really, threatening threats are really not needed as why would anyone puts this Dracula funk in a negative light?

It’s a light weight funky partner after all, pretty much making me wish the older young version of Micheal Jackson was alive in the thematic times that he recorded ‘thriller’ in, as somehow I would imagine him hearing this and moonwalking on this stuff like a crazy person! He would probably include a Dracula figure in the thriller video – that’s how much he would have loved it.

After this it was time to visit the boogeyman. I did not had to travel all the way towards Transylvania as just staring in the window was good enough to find this other inspiring character. Fun fact was that the boogeyman was a good dancer too & and clearly a quick learner who copied my hard moves almost as quick as my own shadow; quite impressive if you’d ask me! This time there was no threatening side effect to the meeting, no poppy vocal friends either; just an style that felt as if it had been hanging out in the eighties, with those power beats and keytar moments of synth rock.

Than there was a meeting with some special ‘classified’ music, which felt as if it was the theme music made for the x-files , but somehow didn’t make the cut to be the tune for the original series. It would have been great though, it has that mysterious theme going on, while also having the potential to get a slow but solid crowd of electro lovers banging their heads together. A total win win situation.

And when a new bit of music showed up revealing itself as a dragon, it’s as if some kind of Irish folk legacy had been making its way in for a heroic anthem in which fired up flames are steaming out of the beast its nose holes, drone cameras are filming the creature from high above and it’s formidable landscape below looks very impressive. What a nice place it has been flapping its wings over! It’s quite the spectacle, isn’t it?

When the music takes on the shape of Medusa we can witness her legendary hairs as rattling snakes, nicely rattling in the microphone as some exciting slap bass along with some big eighties beats roll around in order to tame this deity in a tight fashion. Legend goes that staring at medusa het face will turn you into stone, but this one over here will transform you more into a cool person that knows how to dance with big shoulder pads and somehow manages to make you still look great while doing it.

Nothing to fear with these bunch of characters over here, really. Unless you fear that distinctive eighties sound, all will be okay and comfortable even the presence of fear itself. And when the music becomes a ‘curse’ it’s not feeling as a curse at all. More like a cool track that would suit the fashion sense of a leather jacket and a certain cold alley that will compliment the smoke coming out of your mouth from potential coldness.

Maybe we shouldn’t be so hung up on titles of tracks, but I can’t help it. But indeed if the sound of coolness is a curse than curses are actually not such a bad thing to be made at all. Definitely not a thing that should be seen as something that should be punished, but more as a thing that could nicely celebrated while walking around with a ‘don’t mess with me’ smirk on the face. Oh the things that music can do and the feelings that they imply, it’s it amazing?

When the entire thing swiftly shifts into a realm of beauty that is fittingly named ‘Antarctica’ I finally get the sense that this isn’t a bunch of Adams family members that have met each other at the yearly gathering, but indeed one that comes together under the umbrella name that this album is titled as. Yep, “mysteries of the unknown” does fit the Antarctica ambiance very pleasantly, making me feel as if the eighties had slipped out on soft slippers and had let a mysterious ambient realm in on their way out.

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