Without Them – It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Artist: Without Them
Title: It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better
Keywords: electronic ambient bass dark ambient industrial noise post-industrial Ottawa

It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better by Without Them already made me scared just by reading the title and staring at the artwork, luckily I’m brave enough to find out that it’s just audio overall. Or at least that’s what it feels like at the beginning; a bit of rustling through noisy grass and some wobbly synth bits to make your belly flaps flubber. I don’t have belly flaps, but with music like this I can just feel them anyway! But don’t worry it does gets worse & indeed does gets much better too!

First of all some kind of dark techno world opens up, its probable an offence to call it that, but it’s nice to say so technoheads will fall in love with cool noisy industrial music with a high technology feel and vibe. I hope they do, as listening to music that sounds like a continuous train bumping over a railroad track is just a sight more sad than those adds of starving little ones generated by non genuine corporations; we got to save the techno people! In any case this piece of audio work over here is a great start to help them, as It’s on one side a wink towards kraftwerk’s pocket calculator and on the other a nice homage to spiking things up in the red channels of delicious distortion. Who can resist that? I don’t know what you lot think of things going a bit in the distortion zone, but I personally get quite a kick out of it. Those electric beats and bass just getting that crunchy togetherness that feels like a nice hard toast with melted jam on top. Yep, I’m aware that not everyone enjoys jam or toast, but there are plenty of individuals that do!

After that bit the music goes for something called a ‘thousand cuts’ which goes by quicker than expected, yes it sounds a bit dark, but maybe not dark enough to get you nightmares. There is no suffering or pain over here, just a synth way of spreading some calm empowering power that doesn’t seem to involve a lot of cutting at all. Or maybe it’s done so gently and subtle that we might bleed and haven’t even the slightest idea about it. Am I bleeding or is it strawberry jam?

More shimmering dark vibes are provided within the “inversion principle” which also passes by quickly and without troublesome horrific scenes. to me they feel a bit like intermezzos over here, but maybe I should look at them more from an ambient kind of perspective.
I just keep on hoping that somehow Gary Numan would pop in for a surprise appearance with a tremendous sounding banger. But of course the good man is too busy tweeting out family pictures; how adorable.

But don’t worry (not that I believe you had been worried!) as a track named ‘impulse to dissolve’ will come with some spiky acid flirtations along with some genuine beats. Those will keep us a bit sorted and awake, ready to fall into the more bombastic sounding ‘feeding bitter serpents’ which of course has all to do with us (the bitter listeners) that somehow started to nag about things getting too ambient… It’s simply because once you give people a sniff of distortion they will turn all berserk like crack heads that are very willing to sell their parents for some more of that! Or maybe that’s just me?

But don’t ring any alarm bells or feel frustrated or even offended as a tune named ‘Suppression mechanism’ will make everything more than alright in the relationship between music maker and listener. Here we flow right and richly in the distortion once again, with the evil synths providing the clean layers of atmospheric ambiance & even some acid bubbles are placed at all the right locations; sincerely creating a mega fest of all the thingies that gets us good taste audio lovers thrilled and excited! I would play this in a club – to excite one part of the audience and to piss off the others; it’s perfect!

More giddy hissy noise comes with the timeless spectre of extinction. Which comes across as the moment in which we clean up, brush the concrete streets with some hard brooms & who knows; maybe even go mopping it, cause why not? Save the planet – mop the streets!

More alternative club bangers that come at us like a slow paced snake with a bomber jacket on might evidentially come our way before the album will fade out its presence. Mirrors Nevermore it is called, which has vast sassy acidic bass bubbles as it’s main force of strength. Who needs going to the gym if you can listen to music like this instead?

Now things can go out with a sizzling sizzle or a enormous banger…what is it going to be? The album creator gives us for sure something unexpected, a track named ‘abandon the cities’ that would shiver in a mix of pleasant coldness, one that will slowly but surely pass into a more post apocalyptic zone that instead of going for a expected harsh noise wall, proceeds to gives us a stimulating cliff hanger of a cool slow beat and here and there some perfectly places rhythmic artefacts.

And from here a true miracle happens, the music twists seriously around in order to go for an amazing dramatic uprising of melody before secretly sneaking away in the shadows from where it all had come from. It’s quite an grotesque show so towards the end, but it’s one that you simply can’t complain about! All in all this album contains some very excellent materials, some might say a good mix of worse things and than genuinely much better ones! In any case it’s best enough to conquer your fears of the unknown for by taking a peek at the other side of this kinky link:

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