Zherbin – Comfort

Artist: Zherbin
Title: Comfort
Keywords: experimental harsh noise musique concrete noise tape loop noise tape loops Helsinki

I love this feeling of wading through enormous amounts of harsh garbage, it’s as if you had been wearing knee-length boots while trying to make your way around square and stale objects that are hard to push away, probably will get you some bruises along the way but still are a nice collection of things to try to step through. I wonder why that is, but I guess it must be something to do with that it is a sensory exploration that you won’t really get in a normal day life setting. Even visiting a hoarders house would not be filled with these kind of harsh and square sounding heavy-to-move-kind of objects, a thing that makes me strangely excited. Especially because these ‘objects’ will go crumbling down, inviting you to step on top of them, which has something of a feeling that can only be assigned to the sense of winning!

Apparently this is how it has been made:

All tracks are made by recording the sounds of everyday objects on cassette tape loops.”

Which is quite a concrete way of somehow breaking the magic, so let’s just forget the actuality and just listen.. experience.. as truthfully these noises over here are an excitingly crunchy bunch, they do not compromise, even though at certain times the bigness of the fantasy objects seem to be more crunchier than others; as if they had been miraculously crunched to sound like square flakes of crisps of a noisy kind that you can suddenly step around on with these imaginative boots of yours.

Sometimes they even seem to slip and slide over these colourless objects, as if they had been flat shiny stones eroded by the hard life of nature. Even though the true lack of melody I seem to love all of these tracks nonetheless. Maybe even more! As it is so black and white, so hard in contrast between these two; if there just would be a tiny sparkle of colour in there things would simply be not as enjoyable as they are now. It would be a sensory overload! ‘Comfort’ might be a big word for some, but yes, I genuinely find true comfort while wading seriously through this world of stale crunchiness, it’s at times a bit like walking on thick layers of endless white snow in a dark night; it’s a beautiful contrast together compromising each other like a yin and yang symbol. But of course a much noisier one!

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