Sarah Schonert – Because and Effect

Artist: Sarah Schonert
Title: Because and Effect
Keywords: electronic eclectic indie pop piano relaxation music singer-songwriter Peoria

I wanted to write something about Sarah Schonert her ‘Because and Effect’ album. Because I do what I like and whatever that feels right, so I followed my instincts, grabbed a pen and paper & started writing as Sarah Schonert’s music played out its beautifulness in my ears. I couldn’t stop my pen from making beautiful shapes, wonderful flowing forms full of remarkable decorative twirls, lovely rounded edges and fine lines instead of concrete words. It wasn’t very handy if you will keep in mind that my intend was writing notes to base a review upon; but it did look pretty nonetheless.

It was obvious to me that the music that Sarah Schonert had composed over here, had taken over my abilities to write normal words and make all attempts into a handiwork of abstract movements on paper instead. First came a wonderful composition titled ‘Because is a good enough reason’ which came in like a beautifully thin curtain that had lots of natural light shining through, evolving in a session in which the windows behind it had been slowly revealed & a landscape of sparkling melodies had been easily peeking through from the other side of the glass.

How do I know? Simply because by tracing my own scribbles I could see these things enough to report on them. Or maybe I should have answered just a simple ‘because’. Because ‘because’ is the word over here that keeps all these compositions together, flowing from one organic piano piece into another, making my notebook into something that started to resemble a book full of free range calligraphy. I believe that is a good thing as what is better than making art inspired by art? And no, I’m definitely not talking about Art Garfunkel over here and if I was my notebook would now not be so nicely decorated with wonderful abstract lines of various pretty ways, but probably just ugly scribbles.

Sarah Schonert her album will never get any bad corners from my side, everything is actively circulating happily around in a continuous piano flow. After letting my pen dancing around all over my notepad things blackened out, not because of an unexpected cut in the electric field, but apparently the notations had made me sleepy, turned my eyes inwards as I had fallen deeply asleep. I had fantastic dreams about a sky in which I saw an entire solar system twirl around in circles, planets, stars, space dust, moons – everything going round and round in circular motion in a bright shining spot in the sky.

It was a unnatural phenomenon and in my head I thought that it was the sign of the end of the world as we had always have known it; but it was so beautiful to see… couldn’t keep nog not staring and enjoying it visually..,Unfortunately my parents had also accompanied me on this part of my dream too – clearly having no eye for the end of the world beauty that was happening over here – so I had to shake them off to just stare at the amazing view of all these objects going around and around by myself. One ended up in the pond (after a little help) and the other went off in search for a place where they made fast food…Than all alone with the amazing happening in the sky of a dancing galaxy I noticed the music… mumbling in my sleep ‘what’s that music?’ A thing that I also asked when I eventually woke up in my bed, with my head apparently drooling all over my reviewer’s note book full of pretty lines and shapes.

Sarah Schonert her music had kept on playing the entire night and there was no hair on my head thinking to switch it off. Because? Because it’s an never ending worthy album of beautiful melodies that might be difficult to write about, they do seem to invoke pretty drawings and amazing sights in dreamland. And also because… because it’s wonderful.

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