Monkey Warhol – BevBuckle Christmas Promo

artist: Monkey Warhol
title: BevBuckle Christmas Promo
keywords: BevBuckle,Christmas, Belt, Buckle, handsfree

I know it might be a bit late, as the special large sized stockings have probably already been moved back to everyone’s attic, ready to gather dust until next year’s Christmas; BUT why not celebrate it a tiny bit longer and just continue the whole thing until the end of the year? … oh okay, yeah, there are many reasons not to do that, but considering that I know that there are some people out there having christmas all year round – minus (perhaps – as wouldn’t that be brilliant?) on christmas day itself, there might be a chance that this post isn’t so late or out of touch at all.

Which post I mean? Some nice postal christmas card with a drunken red-nosed reindeer on it? No,no… just this ‘blog’ post over here…which might be a bit out of touch with 99 percent of the people, but the one percent probably will love it! Although it must be said that this isn’t so much about a present only suitable for christmas, just the ad for it might be more appropriate if it was seen and heard in this christmas season.

Now you probably might be all confused, scratching your head wondering what the heck i’m babbling on about, but let me just say it clearly:

The BevBuckle!

Which is apparently a cool looking cowboy / cowgirl flavored buckle belt thingy that you can open up so you can comfortably place your beer (or possibly any other beverage) on it while happily keeping your hands free so you can throw a lasso, grab the bull by the horns, play the banjo, open a can of beans or perhaps use your other two hands to keep two other open beverages in.

This reminds me of that beer hat from the eighties, a cap with holding places to put your canned beers (or other drinks) in, so you could drink from them handsfree with an ingenious handsfree system of straws… imagine combining that hat with an additional BevBuckle! So much freedom and drinks around you will be such an amazing experience! No need to tell someone to ‘hold my beer’ as you will do something idiotic with your hands free anymore, it is a pretty great invention / present even outside the christmas realm…

And why do we have it featured here on YIKIS? Well, the jingle plus the video for it is made by Monkey Warhol and shows off such enthusiasm that not sharing it with you would be a crime against humanity!


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