Sock, socks it to ‘Em

Sock, socks it to’Em
words by: jude cowan montague


^ Screen test

Forget Mark Rylance and Idris Elba… Sock is the latest London actor to make it to the big screen, across the pond, beyond the laundry basket. Popular with women, gay men and feet for his cute, inoffensive masculinity, he became a big smash almost immediately.

But he didn’t always have it easy. Once he was just another sweaty shop-soiled cast off. He was unknown until about six years ago when he took to acting after becoming redundant yet again; the millennial curse. He was part of a couple, but they are separated. She lounges, dispensable, around the flat somewhere, but for Sock it is his creative professional career that has taken over. He was headhunted by former ‘owner’ and charity shop ceramics talent-spotter Doug Haywood. Doug is the directorial force behind ‘Sock’s In The City’, a Rom Com set in the eternal city of London, with its metropolitan backdrop of St Paul’s, Tate Modern, Piccadilly Circus and other familiar sites. It is here that Sock’s love story plays out.


^ Phone Shoot

His co-star is the charming and effervescent Cavendish Banana (named after the variety we so often see on supermarket shelves) and was spotted and sourced in Tesco, London Bridge, along with his siblings. His bright talent shone out from between the cabbages and onions. His origins are shrouded in mystery but the cute and cheeky Cavendish probably originates from Costa Rica. He can assume any expression with just a quick moment to collect himself and a pen.
When the two leads met at Tate Modern they instantly clicked. It was on-screen love at first site.



^ Dubious Mickey


Flimwell Lights is the first single from Montague Armstrong’s new album Hammond Hits(Linear Obessional / Norman Records) and the video will be released on New Year’s Day, 2020 to kick off a darned good new decade. Meanwhile, here’s a sneaky peak with the Trailer for ‘Sock’s In The City’.

FLIMWELL LIGHTS TRAILER from Doug Haywood on Vimeo.

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