Wilbur Sargunaraj – the first class citizen and simple superstar!

Cultural Intelligence Facilitator Wilbur Sargunaraj is India’s first YouTube star, so there might be a big chance you have heard of him or saw some of his videos flashing by throughout the years.

They are amazing!

But did you know that Wilbur is an excellent musician with a bright fun personality that brings love, laughter and goodness around the world with a great amount of self spot being brought to good use? The first time I heard him was with a song that really spoke to me as a ‘blogger’. As he is indeed a first class blogger too and does seem to know all the ins and the outs of this blogging business, his ‘please check my blog’ (http://pleasecheckmyblog.blogspot.com/ = his blog!) hit is simply one of those tunes that I wanted to post on yikis for years now… it’s just so good and fitting!

Wilbur also really seems to like chicken…

In fact you might laugh while he smartly puts important issues in your face with music and funny dances. But just hear and view his 9 year old hit in which he advocates the preference of a love marriage instead of a arranged marriage! He got class! This essentially summons the man’s main attitude up; he is all about the love and the people!

Wilbur is the one that travels to the country side and show you the ins and outs, hangs out with the homeless or travels to the oddest of places to show how for example nose hairs are removed or how insects are munched. Cobra snakes however do get their own hit!

He unites and educates and uses his platform of musical ‘comedy’ for the greater good. Informs viewers how to do the washing without a washing machine, how to use a condom – all the way towards educating the uneducated how to have ‘English tea’ and how to use the latrines worldwide. He is a funny entertaining man with a bright mission – conquering our hearts and than filling it up with world wide culture, mutual understanding and feel goodness. You can see and hear it in his music videos; they are so good hearted!

Wilbur will proof that everyone can be a first class citizen, or at least a super star in their own right! No need for a certificate or a science degree! Love is all you need and good vibes might be helpful too!

Wilbur’s mission to bring cultural intelligence, love and respect to human beings around the world seems to be one that goes fluidly like a train that keeps on going all over the globe, he will reach everyone no matter what classes they are traveling in!

Wherever Wilbur goes he brings a contagious smile and a style that will make everyone happy and melts hearts to make them more loving along the way. If there where more of this artist around, the world would be a greater place where no poverty would exist!

He will elevate everyone around by calling them first class citizens, which they obviously are, as whoever is close to Wilbur – you immediately know that he or she a good person! But such a knighthood doesn’t mean a lot if it would come from anyone that isn’t Wilbur Sargunaraj as he is secretly the biggest first class citizen of them all!

With an excellent way of good humour he found a way to open the doors that would normally be closed, turning the world into a better place one ‘dance’ step at the time. Battling injustices,informing the uninformed and taking you to places to meet people you never would have know about before. It’s an amazing ride by a wonderful character that uses his talents for the greater good! If you follow him on his amazing and amusing journey as documented on his YouTube channel you will eventually see that he is secretly an good willed angel in human form, a special gifted person or ‘simple superstar’ who will bring the world closer to peace one song and video at the time:

Much love to Wilbur Sargunaraj, the world needs more of him!!

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