Audiosmogg – Superior to a Lesser Extent

Artist: Audiosmogg
Title: Superior to a Lesser Extent
Keywords: comedy czechia drone field recordings Prague
Label: Bleeding Ear Records

Ah! the joy! The happiness of the bells dingling and dangling around; the sound of something cheerful. It’s a nice sparkle to open this intense watery audio trip with, as if you got offered a lovely aperitif before being slightly pushed into a world of heavy layers of bright drones that will fly all around your ears like a bunch of elves on a mission, ready to make you feel overwhelmed by their fragile bodies and pretty micro wings. Oh what a wonderfully delighted bunch that they are, all so lovingly bewildering the ears with fanciful layers of audio warmth. Where will this all end and when will this beauty ever stop?

Maybe it stops a bit when the music takes us into the gruesome sound of butterflies and their wings being chopped up; the poor friendly creatures are clearly suffering in this audio recording, they might have had pretty wings but how they are slashed in multiple little pulverising cuts is no fun thing to hear. But luckily the drama gets some nice low sounding wooziness at the end, ready to serve as plaster on our freshly shocked wounds of the soul. It feels as if they are in the shape of soft and woolly clouds, larger than life, but softer than a ducks feather.

After this we are getting served some land map details to travel towards, ending us all up near a pretty water-flow that will delightfully tease the bladder to magically fill itself up, efficiently triggering itself to send signals to the listener’s brain that it needs immediately to go towards the nearest toilet for a golden liquid extraction. You can easily imagine another person to do the same kind of drastic urination-thing when hearing ‘semi perforated landscape’. The only ‘ahhh’ as a vocal sign of it feeling good and a relief seems to be missing over here. Nonetheless it’s a thing that does sound pretty good.

Time for some ‘Refraction’ whatever that means… over here in audio land it seems to be a nice listening structure, something that seems to settle our heads into a winterish landscape in which tubes of sand are being twirled and the cries of whales are dramatically transformed to add a nice natural sound to it all. It doesn’t come across as dangerous or panicked, but somehow does make me personally feel as if it’s a ecological cry for help. Is something going extinct and we are secretly meaning it’s loss in music form over here? Maybe it’s best to hear another one of those perforated landscapes to flush away the sadness that might have come over us unexpectedly. It feels as if a chirping parakeet has a speaking impairment and a nasty frequency is clogged enough to not fully grow itself into its full devious shape. In the end twirling itself into the shape that pretty much feels like it’s a fresh case of liquid waste extract again, which fairly feels like a nice expected relief to hear.

Another location on a map reveals more watery ordeals that will tickle the listener’s bladder enough to make them do a pee pee. It’s nice and relaxing too – but every time I feel like passing out in relaxedness it ends with having to run back to the nearest toilet for a leakage. It ends however in a nice solo of two cans which is not only nice to hear for the ears, it sounds also seems to be an inspiration to keep some large cans nearby to urinate in if needed. Not that the ‘music’ is providing us here with a full stream of hot water splashing in cans, but still the dripping drops that falling down within them do trigger that idea that its an good idea to fill up cans in case of a liquid emergency. So yeah, lots of watery thingies over here, but not unkind either! In fact; I like it!

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