soft verges – stolen name

Artist: soft verges
Title: stolen name
Keywords: alternative experimental chimp rock experimental electronic lazy lo-fi lo-fi Hamburg

What’s the matter with you mate? Never seen a blog post before? That’s fine! We don’t treat them over here as such, we just see them more as publications and free form writings. So just come in and relax as over here we just like to combine these flow of words with music that we hear and love to share. Nothing to be worried about.

Look, now I simply like to share this tiny & rather lovely sounding microscopic music release over here by soft verges. It might be very small with just three delicate tracks that pass by rather quickly, but they also seem to be perfectly as they are – easily consumable for the fast zap culture dominated by listening people with short attention spans and easily to be placed into the many radio and podcast shows in which the new generation can hopefully sink away in.

The first track has a fine rhythm that feels quite the DIY style. As if the artist had grabbed a stick and recorded the action of hitting furniture as a steady drum to soulfully sing upon and through. The artist has an very soothing voice, something that feels like a fine wine from a good year, nice and warm – fruity and no unneeded artificial flavours; all very natural and spontaneously organic. It’s not a drink but if it was, I would love to pour it into a glass in order to salute the upcoming new year!

The name you stole’ is following a similar path with its do it yourself home recording vibe that feels to me very personal and pleasurable to me. Nobody wants factory sounds or all mass products these days; but pretty honest and clear recordings of an artist making things in their own habitat seem to be the style that the music loving world is pretty much hungry for. I’m glad that soft verges is catering to this new generation that enjoys it upfront, personal and close. Big difference between the first song on this release is that it adds a bit of synth sound and easily slipping itself into an instant psychedelic stream of steaminess. I feel personally quite impressed by this as to make you feel as if you fall through the floor into another realm is simply achieved in such a quick speed over here, while very much using simple minimal materials and keeping it oh so small, honest and homely. It’s just 50 seconds long! So super impressive!

The last song is ‘sad sack’ which is less focused on the hitting things and seem to be the most melodic of the three. You can hear soft verges rocking out with a electric guitar in an ever so kindly fashion, singing words so gently and without any bold ego; it’s a gentle exposure to an artist that is having fun recording lo-fi materials that are kind and personal to the ears, giving a tiny bit of insight into a world that in other circumstances might have been kept perfectly hidden. As a lover of real music, talent and hope for humanity; these three soft verges tunes are a luxurious delight that I’m grateful for to be able to share them with you, dear readers, mates and blog discoveries with the obviously good taste! Check ‘stolen name’ out and feel blessed by ever finding this little wondrous gem of reality:

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