Cahn Ingold Prelog – Pointlessness

Artist: Cahn Ingold Prelog
Title: Pointlessness
Keywords: diy experimental drone improvisation no audience underground noise wales United Kingdom

Hello again! Are you willing to go through a journey that might be a challenge at certain times – but with many joyous moments along the way – ending up in an audio Valhalla? Well this album might be something like that – so better put on your brave heart and mountain climbing gear – it will be worth it!

Pointlessness starts with an audio interpretation of ‘A comprehensive list of every possible combination of atoms in the universe’ which might sound like a mouthful, but in reality it’s more the case of an earful. There are lots of frequencies making themselves known, many of them are quite high, others a bit lower – all working efficiently to get a buzz going – it sounds quite scientific – as if it had been made in a laboratory and this audio might simply be some kind of secret code to be inserted in to a machine, maybe in order to probably reveal this overly long list of atom combinations. As if it is here in any other way – I certainly must be too blinded to see it. Or simply take the titles probably way too serious.

What follows is something titled ‘ Your ladybugs cannot reproduce due to anomalies’ which might not be all too pleasant to the ears either, but at least it does seem to efficiently test them – you could check if they are still working or not. If they are working, you will probably hear a kind of continues fluting, maybe made by an artist who can do the whole circular breathing technique pretty well & isn’t afraid to make use of this skill to torment some lost brave listener here and there . It’s a excellent continues blow that doesn’t shine out in great beauty, but will probably get a nice round of applause at a showcase in a local art gallery.

‘Nothing was done, and nothing seemed capable of being done’ is another title for a track on this release. As you might know I’m keeping it all pretty normal and understandable over here as I’m
In no way a scientist, a secret revealing machine or an artist with a business degree – but my ears and mind tell me that this track is the one that I personally like the most. It’s the easiest to approach, sounding like a warm dozing ambient zone that isn’t asking for a lot other than you just go and chill out and relax. If I closed my eyes I saw the calm side of a coast and a sea. Which is nice, right?

Also a pleasant surprise came as ‘I hope you have a lovely day, farmer’ used the title of the track to form a song. You can speak the title on repeat and use it as a guide to sing along if you’d like that . You might have to shape your voice a bit as if you had been a monk of some kind, but once you do you will be sorted for an interactive interesting happening. I sang ‘I hope you have a lovely day, farmer’ and it made me feel really good about myself!

Than the album really seemed to open up its inner secrets, by unfolding pleasurable audio that felt catered to kindly trip away on. Maybe the singing had proofed to the artist that we had been worthy to hear the psychedelic pastry of classy sounds? In any case the track named ‘Largest burdens laid on smallest asses: best offices to most ignorant men’ has indeed a big sounding title, but as music it felt more like a nice sounding flow generated by a electronic motherboard that knows how to take care of her children. Very nice and floatable, reasonable high in tone but pleasant nonetheless.

A track named’ Train of troubles from sparrow’s vengeance’ did also its thing without the vocal blessings, but did sounded very pleasurable to hear in my book. A smooth listenable experience of almost clean drone hygiene that will easily soothe a person in a vibe of timeless calmness. I really wanted to rest here, leave my normally rattling brain behind and just flow away delicately on those fine thin vibes, but all I started to do was wondering why this release had started off in such a (to me) user unfriendly style… maybe the first two tracks had been the guard dogs to keep bad listeners away from the golden oracle sounds that are secretly stored on this album? Maybe! Or maybe I have to revisit them and hear them in a new zen-like delighted state of mind?

If only I had zillions of time! Instead I had chosen to listen to the more bizarre sounding experiment titled ‘Taking away the control we’ve always had and giving it to the wrong people’ which was more edgy perhaps, but still very much listenable. I guess it has a bit of a darker flavour to it, as if rustic machines had given life by a miraculous touch of a magic wand and are now pulsating like living beings, as if they had been equipped with a heart and a well oiled bloodstream. One that becomes prominently active enough that you could almost hear the machine’s inner bits sing a expression of overwhelming self surprise. Oh my goodness I’m alive! Alive! How wonderful!

Now if only we could get the normal people to hear this underground sensation… that must be the thought that artist Cahn Ingold Prelog must have had when creating and placing a ‘Guaranteed mainstream chart hit’ on the album. A super minimal acidic techno dance track that will hopefully make many fresh new listeners flock towards this release and than nicely will be surprised by the much more experimental works that are sitting besides it. Let’s hope they had swallowed enough doctor prescriptions to face the music as they are in for a ride never to forget! If they will like it or not; their lives will never be the same again!

Last on is the super lengthy ‘Planning to fail’ which goes for an excellent’ which is in fact stunningly beautiful. I know beauty is all in the eye of the beholder, but in this case it’s all in both my ears and believe it is a universal thing and not just me enjoying it on my own. Wonderful tones are pleasantly tripping along each other, forming a tasty psychedelic audio trip with sounds that are sparkling in their own rights – like vibrant glittering fluids that delicately flow in the air for an intimate amount of heart warming golden lights. It’s a bit like going through a challenge and than being rewarded by finding the holy grail filled with pure beauty!

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