Kate Bush – Selection from ‘The Other Sides” (Remastered)

Artist: Kate Bush
Title: Selection from ‘The Other Sides’ (Remastered)
Keywords: magic music, art pop, art rock, Kate Bush

For the first time in my life I couldn’t hide for the best music that had ever been ever made. I know, this might be a setup for a rumbling mental report, but I had to share it with you. Even though I realise that you aren’t probably a doctor or a psychiatrist, maybe you are… in any case ; welcome in another blob of lunacy that has to come out of me.

As If I would just keep it to myself there simply might be a huge chance that it would drive me deliriously insane. That song, that amazing special bit of music… oh my goodness! I heard it so many times, but always random popping out of speakers, at the airport, in a taxi, on other places… whenever it came towards me i was instantly excited, flying happily and energized by the song that has seemingly magic spells all laced through it. I’m of course talking about Kate Bush ‘Running Up That Hill’. It’s such an epicness! I can’t get over it… ever! It almost feels like a continuous running gag of reality over here as I keep on mumbling over it from time to time! It’s so good! Kate Bush… running up the hill… mumble mumble!

Trust me, I have been avoiding ‘it’ for most part of my life, scared to search for the song with an fear that it might taint the holiness that it has over me, but this Christmas it came finally to my ears as a irresistible gift. The remastered version of Selection from ‘The Other Sides’ was now all mine and it featured this song not once, but two times…

Holy smokes, why running away over the hills for it? There is simply no escape from the legendary cloud buster! This is the music to be fully swimming in, absorbing it like a ritual touch of a empowering session that is beyond any of my expectations. Even though my Kate Bush expectations had been that her music would be always beyond anything else! A hill on top of a hill or simply a cloud within a larger cloud!

When playing my Christmas gift (thank you Santa!), I got immediately the same excellent thrill that just never seems to stop when hearing that specific song. At first it was the 12″ version of Running up the hill that immediately greeted me, giving me so much joy that my ears (tightly wrapped in headphones) simply never wanted to leave my ears ever again. As long as Kate Bush is doing her thing here, I will have no use to hear the outside world ever again. Or maybe… as the sound of approaching traffic might be handy to hear if I like to survive a bit longer perhaps?

Anyway… What did you say?
sorry i cant hear you –
I’m listening to Kate Bush forever!
I might go a little insane too!

The sounds might be relatively dated in the synth areas, but somehow they clearly never heard of truly aging; as they kept them coming as if they are simply told to be kept out of the zone of the potential expiry process. The guitars, bass and eighties power drums are just as energetic and fresh as magnificently rare fruits from a special forbidden tree. Kate Bush her voice is like a magician that can elevate even the deepest downer into the big sky! She is just fantastic! When both of the ends of your lips are down, she can twirl them right up into a smile ; a facelift that is free and truly natural.

If I wasn’t listening to Kate Bush over and over again, I would have shouted out loud in pure excitement!
But hey, I don’t want the sound of my voice to ruin the listening experience… ever!

Kate really goes for an irresistible groove with the Meteorological Mix of The Big Sky song, which might have been one of the songs that I successfully had been hiding away from for all this time; what a shame… what an idiot i must have been, as this is just so exciting! I can’t help but feel so elevated by it, how can anyone who loves music avoid anything Kate Bush related? It’s just silly. So super silly! Foolish even!

Even her ‘sexual healing’ cover is driving me wild! You have to be a masochist to not listen to her music as it’s just so incredible! How she let’s go… it’s so natural and free & what a range and arrangement! I don’t know what her deal was, but it must have been a godly one! Even if it was one with a fallen angel, who cares; it was bloody well worth it!

“Walk Straight Down The Line” is another one of these world wonders dressed as a song that had never reached me, but now as a Christmas gift made me rock out on bass as i humbled down while rolling on the floor, thanking the goddess of music for this amazing material!

I did my thank you shouts rather quietly, as not to disturb the continuation of my Kate Bush listening marathon! An experience that we should truly exchange with each other! So – If you are a new generation untouched by Kate, than wowa; please do come running into this music! Forget anything that you had been doing so far and hear this material!

‘Her tune ‘You Want Alchemy’ ripped my heart open with its bigness, its melodies that feels like it has borrowed fragments of the most beautiful bits of classical music, made them melt together with the full on sound of a big band, rocking out efficiently with Kate’s fronted fantasy gospel choir to highlight her own embodiment of it all. Oh it’s so perfect!

Who cares about the fountain of youth or the beginnings of the river of life; this music is all that is of importance. There is simply so much more to it than whatever that is meeting the ears over here, but I feel already that I’ve spoken too much, that I’ve indulged in my potential fandom already way too much. I know that I haven’t been hiding away from Kate Bush her music for nothing…

… I’m genuinely scared that if I would go on listening and writing about it – I would simply end up with a body plastered with tattoos spelling out the name ‘Kate Bush’ all over me. I can just see it – Kate Bush in a bold letter type forever on my forehead. And the line ‘running up the hill’ in italic writing just above my buttocks. It will not look bad, but I can imagine that it will be embarrassing Kate Bush herself as I’m sure a picture will surface and go viral, which will not be up to the high standards that Kate Bush her own album cover arts had been so well known for.

So I step back, ran down the hill of lunacy by placing this wonderful Christmas gift deeply into my unforgettable heart and cherish it in secret – probably keeping it there until whenever I need some radical cheering up! What a gift Kate Bush has given to the world! Losing ones own sanity is a small price worth to pay!

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