Big Hare – Lucky Dip

Artist: Big Hare
Title: Lucky Dip
Keywords: alternative cold wave electronic minimal wave new wave ultra The Netherlands
Label: Blowpipe

With a enthusiastic lukewarm applause (the kind that feels like it’s made by some farm animals in a barn) this album by Big Hare seems to have found a nice way to open itself up. ‘If you feel that your head falls off, its maybe good to put a new mask on’ is what they seemingly sing over a prominent festive electric party vibe with a lot of fun written all over it. A questionable lyric maybe, but enough to grab a bull by the horn and inject some euphoric contentment with a bunch of question marks on the side.

But music wise everything seems to be placed in the right ways over here; a fat electro bass, programmed beats, shaky shakers and a sentimental sounding old school house melody with a funky guitar riff that pops up here and there. It’s almost as if you are hearing a parody of something that hasn’t yet been done before & if it had; it was probably done by Big Hare themselves as well! A lightheartedness that makes you feel like nibbling on a nibble & mumble something like ‘yippee’.

More applause will arise evidentially when the first tune has done its thing. Something that isn’t hard to understand as It’s truly not that difficult to feel the excitement of Big Hare. Just hearing the laid back farm animal-claps of essential enthusiasm, feels like an irresistible case of well working wordless peer-pressure that everyone will fall for. I want to be one of them! Either a applause giving beast or a member of Big Hare – we could only fantasise!

Without any gun pointed towards my head I can simply feel the happiness of Big Hare running down my veins! It feels pleasant to clap along the rhythms, or kindly wiggling my bum cheeks while the Lucky Dip album parades by oh so joyfully. I’m not sure how to classify it all; a happy bunch of electronic baloney with a heavy Dutch accentuation for added exoticism? some crucial critisism towards the social media happening of out time?

Perhaps it’s best to say that Big Hare must be the work of a party band, one that doesn’t take everything so seriously but does ‘That’ on its own quite seriously! There is not a lot left to pure accidental happenings , as everything seems mostly well planned and thought through & if it wasn’t; There is simply even more reason to be amazed!

It just feels as if Big Hare (crazy as this might seem!) had spend many hours in the studio perfecting these tracks. These applauding claps at first might make you think it’s a live and spontaneous happening, but only fools would buy into that… right? This is a well crafted ‘red nose’ that will be worn by the wearer with proudness on its face!

You can hear influences of things that Big Hare members must have heard when they grew up, all happily integrating with their own sense of their reality. Some nods of world music here and there can be found too; just hear the vocalist going for it somewhere towards the end of the ‘My Camera is Blind’ tune and you might even believe that he had been quickly possessed by the soul of an Arabian funkadelic throat singer for a bit – it’s simply ‘the art of letting go’ that warms my heart the most along this road paved by these Big Hare tunes. A thing that can probably only happen when the rest of the hogwash is stable and efficiently covered in jollity.

Big Hare does comes across as the entertainment that’s not afraid of purposefully looking or sounding like a fool, probably being made out of previously tagged class room clowns that are now using ‘Big Hare’ to proof that being labelled that way, can actually come out positively in a happy creative flourishing goodness! That will teach the teachers to stop their buffoonery!

In any case Bug Hare seem to be the band that has heritages from the seventies peace and love vibe too, all neatly shining through while nicely being integrated into the nowadays by taking vibes from the nineties (s)hits and prominent stuff from the years in between and after, all mixed up for something that sounds silly but also quite laced with a joyful frivolous energy. Yep, I don’t know what that means either and I should probably talk more concrete and sanely about the music – but I can’t – it’s all about feelings over here!

Yes – This group might simply be worth the uplifting excitement of a standing micro ovation. Why not!?After all the Dutch biggies of Big Hare are dragging us all in for some kind of an amazing show, one that feels as if they have been channeling the spirit of Sjef van Oekel’s discohoek for a jubilant ordeal in which nobody knows (minus Big Hare) what will happen – but you easily know that it will be an happening that you somehow don’t really want to walk away from! And if you do – you wish you will do it in style; drunk and stoned with a mashed up happily satisfied smile upon the face…

Big Hare brings a thing that might be delivering a much better party vibe than something that you get served by spending the transition of the old into the new year, while listening to some old fart making jokes on television. Big Hare is the one to go for when you enjoy bubbles in your mineral water; it is already clear and sparkly from an early start; as this band will be the bringer of smiles and bright festivities, but is also the one that you can bring home to meet and greet your parents. They will probably greet them with open arms!

Sure, at times we might think of the tracks as if it had nicely being settled itself in sheer lunacy, but it does have a style of its own uniqueness, bringing something that feels like it’s born out of a commune of serious nutty people that like to create their own world view by peeking through colourful glasses that show freedom in a nice but funny light. I wonder who the parents of Big Hare are – as they must have been out of this world characters too! Giving them manners and their own identity.

Big Hare won’t be the kind of people that will stare and point at you while you wear a silly hat with a knitted bird on top. They won’t judge you for still listening to 2unlimited in the year 2020! Big Hare won’t reject you if you are a bit out there, and maybe they would even acknowledge your presence by doing an extra tune for you. In fact this lot comes across as the bringer of potential new friends in music form. And in this specific case these friends are the songs and sounds on this album. How convenient!

Big Hare doesn’t come across as insanely mad or as enigmatically bizarre as Ronaldo and the Loaf, but also doesn’t seem to be at a comfortable place among the many Dutch Carnaval hit creations either; it’s perfectly sitting on a star of their own making, probably hopping happily around on their own special brand of creation, nicely filled with a happy go lucky bunch of music admirers and a loyal crew of celebrating feast lovers. Probably all kindly sending love towards one and another by telegram or simply blowing kisses to each other! A thing that I would like to do as well, but instead of kisses I blow this link for you! Please do swallow while enjoying Big Hare’s Lucky Dip:

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