Mai 12 – Vczcvzx

Artist: Mai 12
Title: Vczcvzx
Keywords: electronic experimental harsh noise noise power electronics hnw Greece

Happy New year dear readers of this blog that had successfully survived the transition from the old into the new! See? We are still here and just go on as if nothing happened! Minus some acknowledgement that we had a little party last night with all the hardworking employees in the yikis head office going a little mental. Most of them got a little mashed up – too cuckoo to being able to make it home & are now nicely opening their eyes while I blast the silence of upcoming hangovers away with this fine Vczcvzx by Mai 12.

I play this as loud as possible and the result is either surprised faces that slowly crawl towards the exit or just people that keep sleeping the day away – the great thing with this music is that I can’t hear them snore anymore + I do think that for the people with the right taste – or the ones that had been too drunk in order to escape and make it out of here are treated with the best possibly sound to start the new year.

A nice texture of harsh noise that has relaxedness written all over it, the kind of wall flavoured crunchiness that’s ideal to flush away the old troubles of yesterday’s year and provide a nice bunch of steady dreamy layers in a style that feels like it has the potential to be some kind of audio version of a ‘reset’ button. While at the same time also giving enough classiness to potentially sit in and imagine things in.

I for example, thought of a bunch of trucks delivering lots and lots of snow on the driveway, or a hard working washing machine that magically did all the hard work of washing all by itself. A thing that picks up the laundry from the floor, tosses it into itself and even manages to click the right washing programs for it.

There is something very neat and nice on this harsh noise crunchiness, a thing that could be even suitable as a soundtrack for a open minded yoga session. It also feels being nicely trapped in a friendly storm, an friendly friend of nature that happily provides a bit of fresh air to the nuttiness that survivors of a good party might need to get their act back together. At the last end Vczcvzx goes for a final pulsating finale of the electronic bossiness along with a sound that feels like the the left over old bits of last year are being rounded up towards the wall and lovingly shot to pieces… clearly making sure that everyone over here will start the day fresh and bright without a backpack full of rubbish! Enjoy!l this and the first day of the new year!

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