Primo the Alien – #1 Alien

Artist: Primo the Alien
Title: #1 Alien
Keywords: 80’s music 80s 80s music pop electro electropop popwave retro retroelectro retrowave synth synthpop synthwave Austin

Living under a rock might have some beneficial benefits; you can’t be influenced by media, news and propaganda. But you also have no clue what’s really going on in this world. Having a little twitter tweet reception installed will get you here and there little bits of new information popping in. Like for example some twitter user that spoke to the imagination by name and profile picture, probably brought to my feed by a retweet of the synthwave cat named Cattemper. Now you might think… okay who is it? But as you can read the name and probably see a picture above this post, the smart ones under us probably already know; Primo!

So there I went, following the lead sticking kindly my head out of the hermit lifestyle and checking out the hit music of Primo. I found myself I immediately swinging around in a field of glittery disco balls and laser like lights, funnily enough I was suddenly dressed in pink spandex and had my head topped off with an odd wig; ready to fit the style of Primo’s obvious underground hit ‘alien’.

With retro electrifying bass, tights synth sound and thick beats this artist is sounding as she is fulfilling her destiny, grooving around in success of being the obvious number one alien on earth. It’s a hard battle as I’m aware (even though lovingly living under a rock) of a few other aliens on earth that make music – but nobody seems to be as determent and dedicated to put herself out there in the open brightness of attention. All the other music making aliens that I’m aware off are here in secret, keeping a low profile, releasing sounds here and there while not really catering to a large audience and definitely not at all standing fierce and brave as Primo here does in synthwave spotlight.

Even though her alternative DIY approach you can hear her playability, she owns the hooks, the melodies and knows how to walk the thin line between commercialism and obscure niches of synth pop enthusiasts. It is as if Primo has researched everything with great care for detail in her UFO and than somehow beamed the perfect song and sound formula to earth for an instant place on a number one spot.

In my time being underground, far away from social communications and media, the unthinkable must have happened; This alien named Primo must have landed and conquered the hearts and souls of the many! Becoming a instant super star that is beloved , cherished, praised and admired by many! It’s not a surprise as Primo seems to have a sound that is pretty much hitting all the boxes of what most humans would like to hear. I bet if I owned a radio and turned it on there would be Primo’s hit song coming out of it.

With an instant Primo created an all mass adoring dance party as she swings out an retro banger ready for a future of synth power that must have earned Primo a fanatic following. Who could resist these hooks? These synth sounds and Primo’s ability to communicate like she is one of the humans while actually being an wonderful extraterrestrial that the famous team of the X-files yet have to research in a well viewed episode.

I’m too anxious to step around in the city after living so long under a rock, but I expect billboards, posters and cardboard cutouts of Primo the alien at every glancing corner. Primo must be a superstar, one who drops the Primo name in her big hit enough times to even tattoo it in the head of people with a low ability to store anything inside their memory. It probably won’t be long until Primo takes over the world; from twitter to instagram, Spotify, YouTube, bandcamp, radio, television all
the way to our hearts. Let’s hope she will claim the earth as her own and turn what’s rotten into a healthy and happy party again! I’ll crawl back under the rock, but before I say goodbye I secretly wish that this number one alien would be the owner of a number one hit all over the globe!

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