Dino Felipe – Caterpillar Caverns

Artist: Dino Felipe
Title: Caterpillar Caverns
Keywords: delirious electroacoutics electronic experimental rock ambient experimental electronic hybrid synthpop tape music United States

With a bouncy happy joyfulness Dino Felipe brings us the cozy insect music that won’t make you want to run away, but rather the opposite – run nearer towards the microcosmos of little bugs and itchy mini creatures! It’s fun material that curls up your toes, bounces your shoulders in a bendi flexible way, all working together in the righteous hope that the bugs of fun music (as directed over here by Dino) are opening their tiny arms for your presence!

You just want (and need!) to be a part of it, you need to be one of them, even if that means that you have to grow some fancy tentacles on top of your head, add some extra legs or arms and have a couple of new eyes here and there. You will look like a right freak, but if you manage to shrink yourself into an acceptable insect size; you might as well fit right in!

But let’s pretend that you had done all that and are now ready to be socially accepted for a nice happy-go-lucky joyride in the red rover! One that makes you feel like you are indeed microscopic – entering the world of miniature bugs that have a nice party going on all day and night. With happy melodies and charmingly odd characters that are cheerfully dancing and singing in and around every corner. They are giving you a most pleasant warm welcome indeed, even though you are probably seen as a slight outsider, they certainly make you feel freaky enough to hopefully temporality fit in.

What follows is a nice noisy answering machine placed somewhere in the heavens above, one that might not be up to date or connected to the fast internet connections that we are mostly connected with; but instead have an entire charming orchestra from redundant modem sounds that seemingly have found each other in the after life, ready to bring a fanciful amount of special ear trickeries that will ring your inner ears in a style that not even a dog whistle would be able to do. We are still little, but the surroundings have changed a whole lot. It’s more as if we are ants that enjoy nibbling the electric wires on a not so hygienic office space.

“Eagle Eye On You” comes like the hungry caterpillar that isn’t too fat to crawl around, doing this while it’s going slowly nearer towards you. With a melancholic mystery, this creature of fantasy and dimensional wisdom seems to be bathing in an aura of wise bells, full of advice and good intentions. Meeting it made me feel like a random Alice girl, completely in awe with this friendly character that offers us magical mushrooms and huffs and puffs from mind altering huffables…

What follows up is a dive into a rabbit hole in which we find a sick creature, with lots of snot and a painful nose, lots of coughs and slime – tornmenting every aspect of the healthy zone with all that is germs, bacteria, viruses and other unpleasantness that will make you check your pockets in search for a clean tissue to offer to this sick individual.

When we go out of this zone we are met with a colony of ‘Breathers’ that lurk around a busy landscape in the middle of a authentic sounding twilight zone. They are out driving their micro scooters, twirling around as they shoot body fluids out as if they had been lasers. It’s a nice busy place full of activities that are going on only lighted by the moon while the normies are all asleep and snoring in their little caves, unaware of the busy activities that would’ve made their lives way more excited!

When we go to sleep in our new shape and forms, a dream in which ‘The hills have mouths’ comes along, we don’t know what it might mean and as micro beings are probably not able to contact a dream translator, but we do know that we walk with our tiny heads on our shoulders, nicely odd balling around while we go through the manic process of being eaten by these hills while also happily coming out of the ordeal without any real damage. We just walk on in a fine pace as if we had been aware that it was just a dream and in reality nothing had happened. Smiling with our six legs and multiple eyes, looking back at these hills that couldn’t devour Of into multiple pieces! It’s a moment that makes you feel good.

Waking up from this dream will be like finding yourself in a tiny grassy hiding place, one that has a great view of the uprising of a new day, one in which the dew drops are still hanging on the flora. The air keeps smelling brilliantly nice in all it’s freshness for a good beginning. Let’s do a few yawns and go out for the day! Embrace the warm layers of sun that are vaporising the wetness that had cleaned the dust away from most of the outside world, ready to welcome the nice fuzzy fuzziness that are out there using the touch of seduction to make us happily excited in all our insect existence!

We are so Slap happy that it might be the right time to celebrate the brilliant ending that every self respecting album (or adventure) should end with; a parade of armpit squeaks and delicate mouth farts that sweep the ears right clean with a sniff of humour and a whole lot of fun! It’s good to be little, it’s wonderful and intriguing to explore these caterpillar caverns in the Dino Felipe world:

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