Stephanie Merchak – Winter EP

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Winter EP
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental ambient dark ambient electroacoustic experimental experimental electronic musique concrete Batroun

Lower yourself in the dream world full of delicate fluff that kindly tickles your body with pure delight. As if you bathe in a bath full of wool and the finest cottons. Everything seems to be made for your wellbeing, calming you down with expertly done warmth, protecting you from cold weather circumstances even under the baddest circumstances. I imagine it as an item at the most beautiful beauty and relaxing resort in the world, somewhere with an amazing view of snow and ice while you yourself are bathing in a tub that keeps your body and mind dazzling with a chilled out delight.

This is the music that brings pure comfort, a beauteous happening that you seriously don’t want to get out from, even in the circumstance in which your skin starts to rubber up from excessive goodness- it will be too nice to step out & indeed when the wondrous luxury session is over, it will be extremely likely that you would like to immediately book another session. It’s a dazzling warm giver that soaking in it makes you think of soapy bubbles and the most aromatic pleasantries finding a way towards your nose.

As long as you are in here, everything else would be silent. Leaving you in a state of delight, probably while a handsome masseur gives your neck a great massage at the same time & a cozy towel is nicely draped upon your hair. Everything is about the sound that will make you feel good from the in and the outside, as if your skin gets to be reborn to be as soft as a feather while you ingest the sound that will revitalise you with great care and attention.

It might be a winter wonderland out there, full frozen ice cubes and strange skies with freezing temperatures, but in Stephanie Merchak her spa of sound we are safe, dozed up, pampered, taken care off and loved with all that is warm and pleasant. When it’s over and the expertise treatment of sound and music has done its thing you might feel very good looking, refreshed, filled with enough goodness to face the cold with warm glossy cheeks! But thinking about that just makes me want to listen and experience this sensational session again and again!

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