Tanya Tagaq – Toothsayer

Artist: Tanya Tagaq
Title: Toothsayer
Keywords: beautiful, expressive, nature magic and more praiseful things?

So I’ve missed a international train to somewhere important but sat down at the corner of other losers and decided to cheer myself up with the music by Tanya Tagaq. I had kept her 2019 Toothsayer album specially for special occasions like this and my goodness I couldn’t have stored a better album in the musical emergency kit. Tanya simply let no gras grow in order to melt the ice between music maker and music listener. Her album’s openings banger named ‘icebreaker’ simply had everything within it to pick me up with a fine advanced adventurous sound and grooviness. It’s like listening to a revolution, an bulging energy stream that goes into a full amount of letting go and letting it all out. And I don’t mean body liquids of various formats but more the emotive kind of things…

I’m not sure if she uses an animalistic sounding voice to drop the two words ‘true music’ within it, (as the travellers that do go somewhere are a little noisy around me), but i just imagined her saying ‘that’ like a spell, along with her mind bugling animalistic noises that come out of her mouth like a free jazz Nina Hagen on a roll. It’s freaking great, especially with the long rolling rollers of drums and super expressive manic layers forming a pinkish wall of sound that grows more and more like a fanatic psychotic anthem of power and self expression. Who cares about traveling in physical form if you could hear this music by Tanya Tagaq and elevate yourself to the psychedelic realms of far greater heights known to humankind? Obviously I still kinda do otherwise I would have shut up about it, but hey, isn’t that the kind of gonzo stuff that people seem to like around here?

In any case I don’t feel like one of the losers next to me, as I’m off into the sky, touching the stars as the next trippy wonder of music is spreading itself out to do its thing. With lush piano keys being played , warm tones of heartwarming expertise and Tanya vocally using her voice as an Dadaist instrument that could transform into the highest pitched bird of paradise in style and form. it surely is as if I’m traveling after all. Through remarkable landscapes of self expression, tonal sceneries and beautiful sighing sights that are like fantasy realms opening the gate of the ultimate winterish beach serenities. A heaven where goddesses rule and seagulls will happily fly around without ever having the need to poop on your head.

Tanya Tagaq’s toothsayer is like sitting on a ice plate while wobbling around in the most wonderful place on earth and to be fair it might not be earth as I cannot believe this serenity will actually exist other than within the realm of this artist’s music and the imagination of all that have been smart enough to escape within it. The main destination slips into rhythm, one that feels like the kind of thing you would expect to hear at a shamanic happening, a warrior dance that would evoke the earth to open up and reveal the earthy powers in energetic rays of manic lights to rise up ready to possess all that attended this secretive event. Tanya Tagaq must be a being that is able to unlock the secrets of nature as she submerged us all into one. Completely letting me forget all life situations by tossing her lucky listeners in her midst of a miracle, a possession that is putting a powerful flame of revitalising energy within our hearts. It’s as if you just had attended a secret session that will blow your mind away!

After such a revelation, such a extension of breaking the borders between expressive music and pure natural magic it’s a blessing that Tanya also gives aftercare to her listeners. A wonderful chill out time with ‘hypothermia’ in which the ice of illusions seems to slowly drip away to its liquid state & the artist calms our hearts with enough intimate vocal courage to sit back and wonder ‘what did we do to deserve listening to such a great album?’… I’m glad I missed the train and caught the dream flight into the world of Toothsayer instead! Ridiculously good!

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