Moralix – Flushwave

Artist: Moralix
Title: Flushwave
Keywords: electronic dreamnoise drone flushwave harsh noise harsh noise wall noise toilet water Copenhagen
Label: Fireflower Foundation

I love this release by Moralix named Flushwave. So much so that I have to reveal my love for it by sharing a couple of words about it here on this humble blog. I heard it a couple of days ago, secretly with a hidden earphone in my ear as if I had been a detective on a secret mission while around me children had been jumping up and down from a natural sugar rush. For anyone that know about energetic kids on sugar, they will agree that that’s sometimes a real challenge to handle. But thanks to Moralix Flushwave I kept my head ultimately cool, relaxed and behaved.

It wasn’t loud enough to not hear and interact with these fanatic kiddos but just about overwhelming the subconscious with a static calmness that made my mind feel as if it had been tricked into thinking that it has been turned into a vegetable. Maybe not really a vegetable, but having the responsive vibe of being slightly numbed out, a veggie state that made everything workable , no matter how much jumping or upside down acrobatic acts the kids where doing. I felt as if I had been half in a surreal reality thanks to Flushwave. One step in and one step out of this one that we are seemingly reading this from.

Later I revisited it while being on the road. Traveling with public transport from A to Z with Moralix’s Flushwave on my ears easily provided the same blanket of comfort. Don’t play it too loud, don’t play it too soft; let us sit somewhere in the middle so it can meddle with the environment. I noticed that train travelors seemingly don’t even notice that the sound of Flushwave isn’t coming from the train itself. Which is quite handy for train travelors that enjoy listening to good music in the train, as so you could just hear it while also giving your ears a break from being enclosed by headphones or plugged by earplugs all the time.

Moral of Moralix’s Flushwave is seemingly that it is fluid, it is a bringer of calmth without taking over the situations that you are in or are trying to deal with. It is like a drone medicine that you can put on as it helps you through those times that you need something to hear but don’t want to have the whole risk of hearing drums or bagpipes or other unwanted happenings. With Flushwave you can just relax, feel good by adding a little life line in the mix that makes everything a little bit more surreal, doable, psychedelic and numbed down. Who can be stressed with Flushwave around? It feels as if all potential hazards are being filtered out and you know what? I think it. Is a blessing that it exist! And doctors should prescribe Flushwave more than they would do now! Alternative audio medicine to keep you from freaking out in public or in private spaces? Heck yeah! Flushwave is it!!

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