Yoko Ono, John Lennon – Unfinished Music No. 2 Life With The Lions

Artists: Yoko Ono, John Lennon
Title: Unfinished Music No. 2 Life With The Lions
Keywords: harsh noise, punk, avant-garde, silence, expressions, songs

With the amount of music review requests shooting through the roof and me being on the road, I thought to wave a little middle finger by listening and writing something by this oddity of Yoko Ono and co. Yoko Ono might be a controversial character in cultural history, but I got into ‘Warzone’ and ‘Why’ quite a bit to feel that she is a true expressionist that somehow wants to help the world into a kinder and peaceful place. If you wanted to hear a Yoko Ono being nice and caring about the earth and worried about the cruel greedy psychos at the top destroying it all there are a couple of albums you should visit and hear with all your heart might and glory.

This one over here is pretty clear from the start; it isn’t the one! It is however a release that gives a great insight into what made Yoko Ono unpopular among beatle fans. Celebrating this hate almost! It’s quite something! It is quite hilarious I would say. This album might have been recorded around that unfortunate time in her life and if it was done before; than it would be even more funnier. Yoko Ono Is going for it on the first track of this recording of history with ‘Cambridge 1969’ People might claim it to be art, dada or just straight hell – even Yoko Ono might have seen it as a art project at the time but to me it’s ‘classic’ Yoko Ono giving to the people what they wanted to hear, a solid pisstake, a firm middle finger in the air, a solid expression of punk without the punk band. This lady doesn’t give a flying fuck! Isn’t that awesome?

She does her wonderful best to instantly torment anyone who listens, it’s like a Mersbow or a Massonna without singing through a distortion pedal, but for sure I feel that she is more powerful than tons of celebrated noise artists out there, as she somehow manages to go under the skin with her vocal tendencies, nerve wrecking your senses with a dedication to screw you hard until you are crying for your own mummy or daddy.

This Yoko Ono is a hardcore force to be reckoned with! Don’t mess with her as she will make you pull your hairs out just by opening her mouth and let her voice drive you to suicidal tendencies! You can poop on stage all that you want on stage (GG Allin) but it takes bare guts to be in Yoko Ono her shoes and not only not giving a fuck, not going down even if the people would call her horrible names in the past – this woman, this artist, this absolute manic nutter is more tough and doesn’t give a flying fuck! If you say that she can’t sing she will give you a double whammy! That is what I hear in Cambridge 1969… even listening to it makes my throat hurt! I hope she would drink lots of Tea with honey after recording this one… She simply gave everything and it isn’t pleasant to the ears (oh no!) but seeing it from a punk and noise perspective; hell yeah! It’s the best audio torture available!

But there is so much more on this release, which not only seems be punk but also carries out the removal of backstage curtains in order to reveal the background working of Big time record labels that had been dealing with the Beatles and controversial album covers. Just hear through the lines of the No Bed For Beatle John expression and a wealth of insider information gets to be simply out in the air for all of us to hear and get an idea what it was like around that time in which the Beatles mania had been making fans yell so loud that they had to stop touring as it would have been impossible to hear the music.

Also the sound of a baby’s heartbeat is being fed to a microphone, i wonder from which child it was that had been captured over here but the heart for sure got a good musical groove to it. It’s like listening to a minimal vibe at a underground club in which sturdy beats make sweaty people dance till the early moments of the morning. Good thing is that this all gets answered by a few minutes of silence before the couple is playing with a radio. I however have a feeling it’s actually Yoko Ono playing with the radio and just John in the back talking to someone. It’s as if John is there as an subdued audience and this is actually all Yoko Ono’s having some experimental fun. It’s similar to give a child a radio to play with, but than it’s the agent provocateur Yoko Ono who is happily playing around for her own entertainment. It makes me wonder what the back story of this whole album is, why this has been released into the world as it feels very much like a protest album, a fuck you to killer music contracts and their obligations perhaps?

Sure I enjoy hearing Yoko Ono having fun but it does feel as if it had been more fun if we could have been Yoko Ono and doing the playing around. But it’s more enjoyable to hear the bonus tracks in which she sang a song for John which feels authentic and lovable. It’s a song that bring her exotic charm to light and you can easily feel John staring at her with a gaze of enormous amounts of intoxicating love in his eyes. It’s a great recording for anyone in need to know what love is!

The last bonus track is ‘Mulberry’ which is a playful experimental expression that seems to have dropped the anger and placed the rebellious punk attitude into something more positive and fruitful. It’s like a laughing track in which beauty and mania are holding hands for a pretty expression in which John and Yoko connected in the most avant-garde kinds of way. An improvisation that if you have a heart, Would certainly be enough proof that these two hearty weirdoes had been destined for each other. The power of love and connection is truly at work over here.

All in all, this release is like a honest insider, a biologist wet dream to get as close to Yoko and John as possible for their overly done research of this legendary couple whose relationship seemed to be a public affair with disastrous opposition of crazed out Beatles fans . All I hear is a protest, a punk album to be released in order to get rid of another contractual obligation or perhaps just because it is fun to poke fun! But at the end, with the bonus tracks they make sure to give back to fans that obviously had spend their hardened coins on. this release that probably wasn’t at all that they expected it to be. Or maybe they did, as Yoko Ono definitely seem to give what a lot of people expected from her. In any case I thought it was a highly interesting thing to hear and gave me the knowledge that music people, famous or not are always still people & if you poke them way too much they will poke back and there pokes will be slaying the hardest! Punk, love, protest and express in private & yet out in the open! That’s what this seems to be. Maybe you can find it somewhere and give it to a fan of The Beatles and see their faces explode as Cambridge 1969 plays with their heads. It will be so much fun to see!


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