Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Hebra

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Title: Hebra
Keywords: experimental dark ambient drone experimental field recordings jazz and improvised music lowercase noise Argentina
Label: Adaptador Records

Hebra by Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo is a mouth full, yet a smooth filling filler that will ridiculously smother the senses. It does this with a rich flavour of delicate ambient, one that is consisting of turbulent layers of tasty drones full of light and kindhearted kindness. The kind of thing that makes you feel al warm and glowed up from the in and outside, making the eyes of listeners into glowing windows of rays of soft sunshine, reducing your own staring looks into the ones that fluffy clouds are made out from.

Everything is so kind and gentle over here, making you feel as if you could close these eyes of yours and teleport yourself to an surreal looking quality beach with a soft crackling fire on the side. It’s nice and quiet, seducing the exhibitionistic nudist probably enough to keep their clothes on & making these colourful warm pillows of audio welcome to fill the air with enough co2 gentleness that the ambient atmosphere might sneakily provoke a little trip towards the nearest urinoir.

It’s a delight to hear and feel though, nothing to complain about as these warm tones vibrate around your body like a pleasant tool of stimulation & Heath up your body like a machine at the nearest professional muscle fixer. Everything is okay over here, nice and pleasant, kind and gentle. For the adventurous lot who get a kick out of ambient realms with the possibility to have some baddies in there it might be not the one, but for all others that just want to relax without shooting a needle of heroin down the veins this might be one of the better and healthier options out there! Just chill out and relax and let the music take control – the hypnotist would say!

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