sp@m2000 – HD​.​trx

Artist: sp@m2000
Title: HD.trx
Keywords: experimental glich high res idm microsoundmicrotonal static techno Wrocław
format: floppy diskette
Label: Default

In case you missed any updates from yikis for the last three days, I would say ‘sorry’ and ‘hello here we are again!’ Also don’t blame any of us, but blame this floppy disk release on the default label…

…since we heard the sounds of it we had to close down this online zine and dive deeply in the backyard to check all the wires that lay there under the ground. Had something been broken? A lose wire connection, a chopped up electric cable or perhaps a malfunctioning technicality that made strange pulsating electric sounds of rhythm through our excellent speaker system?

We dug it all up, examined everything but did not find any error or broken stuff. Besides the electric sound kept coming out, making some of the workers standing up to check their
Phones if their signals had been somehow interacting with the music receivers in some kind of weird way. The results had been useless, the sound of broken clicks kept coming
and all we could do is give up, take a break and listen.

We listened some more and than even some more & eventually some of us heard it… this was not a technical issue at all! This was music! High quality, highly evolved techno music of the absolute minimal kind! The sound of the future’ someone shouted! Eureka we solved the mystery! Another employee with his hands covered in mud enthusiastically replied! Wow’ I shrieked as I stormed inside after the three days hiatus and opened the blog again! I must share this with the world’ I told the stunned workers that stood in front of the window. With my tongue still out of my mouth full of enthusiasm, I placed the link to where you could hear this phenomenon, one so delicate in sound that it could make a whole music blog come to a stand down!

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