stukot – circular objects speaking colors

Artist: stukot
Title: circular objects speaking colors
Keywords: experimental ambient drone drone ambient drones solo drums solo drumset Warsaw

Circular objects… the round shapes of drums, cymbals and crashes. Stukot seems to know them all very well, or at least it appears to be this way as in this album over here the artist seems to have taken place behind a bunch of percussive instruments that could be grooved upon for scientific colour analyse. Apparently Stukot drums and shakes the lot in the hope to find a way to let them speak colours. It seems to me that Stukot succeeded. Yes, feel free to clap and give Stukot a applause. Drumming colours isn’t a skill you come across daily.

I closed my eyes and saw first a bit of kaki green with here and there a bright amount of yellow. I don’t know if the artist wanted to make some notes upon that? If so, if you are Stukot or just pretend to be; please be my guest to write down the colours that hopped into my ears . You never know where it would be good for…

For the second track I closed my eyes again as we here over at yikis are never too lazy to help out a musician with our expertise of seeing music. Yeah, yeah; giving yourself a compliment once in a while is nice as who else would do it? I saw a occult blue that Stukot seems to play with here and there like a young Picasso. Oh and look how Stukot inserts a drumroll of dark orange. A more fletched out ticker of gold Sparkes and blue towards the energetic parts. What a painter! So happy to be not hindered by colourblindness over here! It’s fun to hear Stukot’s drumming equals speaking colours as the artist for sure seems to speak this language energetically and fluidly. The tracks are Stukot’s canvasses and the drums sticks its brushes…

The third track… let me see by closing my eyes… oh yesbanana yellow, orange peel orange, tomato red and crazily enough some white to compensate. Lots of cymbal sound which provoked a whole rainbow of glittery lights. Not bad at all, right? I wonder if Stukot could just let the drums speak of a sturdy rainbow so we could find the pot of gold underneath it; we sure could use the money! Or even just for Stukot himself… an artist of tis kind can use some good gold too!

The fourth track… oh blue, the kind of dark deep blue similar to the colours from balls of a virgin forbidden to touch his private parts before marriage , a appetising slice of percussive purple, pub brown and many militant elephant colours among the way! Actually this contains very colourful warrior lights at the end, like red, yellow and green; boy George his favourites. It’s not just colours that I see; I saw a whole monkey family dancing happily with their hairy arms up and down! Isn’t that great? We get more than we bargained for!

The last track… dark black, petite grey, hints of deep kiwi green, potato peel colours, medium rare yellow fever yellow, slight never mind the bollocks pink, Toxic green, fire coloured smoke… gosh I had no idea that with percussive playing so many colours could be discussed, Stukot simply must be a professional circular objects speaking colours speaker & probably doesn’t need my skill to see the colours of music at all. Oh well, I guess Stukot can use the promotion of being featured on our humble blog? Next up I hope to place an album by a person who uses squared objects to speak the language of insects. But for now; enjoy the colours and expressive drumming skills by Stukot. And remember if the colours are too bright and flashy; you can always put on some sunglasses when hearing this release:

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