Artists: TOOTHKICKER / 16403
Titke: SPLIT
Keywords: experimental punk electronic no wave noise power electronics split vocals Montreal

A split between two thingies is what we find over here. It’s like you have more chance to find something that you like and enjoy than listening to an EP made by one kind of thingy. I’m already happy with the first thingy that had nestled itself on this split. I don’t think I’ve heard anything like what the thingy called 16403 had made, but it goes in like the ideal opener of a collection of thingies made by thingies. It is smooth and a bit like going into a warm loving cave with the walls covered in velvet. Maybe some kind of meditating persona that sits inside, singing intimately while the ceiling of the cave drops and drips for the ideal sound scenery to think of folded legs in a upright Buddha position; i dig this thingy, is what came to my mind when I heard this thingy passing by so quickly. Oh yes, things are happening here!

After this it was a thingy by a thingy named Toothkicker. It is actually all written in capitals but I write it like this as we are the true rebels over here and of course we aren’t cave people that needs bigger letter to read these thingies. This thingy is way short, a bit like a mini slide with some water that makes the downfall on this slide have even less friction. I don’t know what to think of his thingy but it’s not at all kicking my tooth, which might or might not be a good thing! Oh those thingies, always good for a pun!

Oh and than the thingies really seem
To kick off as 16403 really seems to take the time to do it’s thing. A surreal slide down in to a psychedelic abstractness in which seagulls are turbulently slipping down the bizarreness as if we sloppily slip from
one surreality into another, creating a alternative joyful Valhalla for the sound exploring fanatic that enjoys losing control through a audio collage that is as psychedelic as it could be. Before you know it, the thingy had become a big thing and to ride it feels like an incredible intense but joyful kind of experience. The things that a good sound production can do… it’s a good thing these things exist!

Toothkicker must be really amazing to top this thingy off, but instead of trying, it simply throws itself into a completely different direction. Toothkicker opens the red waves of crunchy distortion, with melody and crushing thickness that feels as if something exciting is happening but you don’t know if we are listening to the theme music of the good or the baddies. It doesn’t matter, as the more the merrier or in this case; the more distorted the better it is; good or bad this thingy will suit both. This thingy is called ‘cutting the dollhouse’ but I have no idea why. I guess it’s a title that corresponds to a thingy we all would enjoyed to do?

Toothkicker (still written with the caps lock on) gives a nice ending to this solo of thingies. This one is also forcibly in the red zone of the distortion age. It is handy for people who have problems with their ears, as it should be really problematic if you can’t hear anything of this thingy over here; it’s quite crunchy and loud. But it is also quite adventurous, with lots of things going on that are actually quite wild and psychedelic. There are pretty things completely covered in a coat of harshness, acts of wonder draped in noises, some are melodic while others just hiss and crush but all swim non violently in one big thingy of sound. To me this is the best of the Toothkicker’s thingies on here, stimulating the brain through the ears with a loud collage that slowly but surely fades itself out into the obscurity that all thingies would like to hide away in. It’s not at all aggressive as you might expected from a thingy maker named Toothkicker, but in this case I’ll gladly embrace it with all the yellow teeth that I own. I like these kind of thingies and wonder if you enjoy them too?

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