WHΛLT THISИEY – This Stillness

Title: This Stillness
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental mashup’s rock ambient avant-garde electronica Dublin
Label: First Earth Records

I don’t know why, it’s definitely not that I’m always hanging out in the trees, but every time that I listen to a release by WHΛLT THISИEY I seem to be in the woods. It’s a good place to hear WHΛLT THISИEY music as birds and squirrels and even little foxes seem to be highly intrigued by the sounds that I feed them loudly.

They don’t come across as complaining, but seem to be very appreciative & indeed the WHΛLT THISИEY music does go excellently well in these forest surroundings. Birds happily sing and chat through or along with it while other life forms seem to continue their daily happenings undisturbed. I guess the music by WHΛLT THISИEY is so nice and smooth that it just mixes with this environment of fallen leaves, trees and fauna as if it’s a second coat.

I almost feel bad to make noise in this place of nature, but I know that no one (human or nature creature) will complain about the pretty luxurious ambient sounds of WHΛLT THISИEY. What on earth will there be to complain about? It is so calm and pretty, it’s as magical as the WHΛLT THISИEY castle. Long pieces of wonderful ambient atmospheres that easily blend into this environment and strangely seem to make the surroundings and their inhabitants even more beautiful. Even the mud looks like golden pools of luxurious calmness thanks to WHΛLT THISИEY’s sounds.

I’m sure it would sound great in any other peaceful zone, but to play it while this real life field recording of Mother Nature is going on it seems like it’s just the perfect zone to let this audio waves out. One of the squirrels jumped on top of my lap, clearly digging the music so much that it wanted to bring it back into its little tree house. I don’t know, I don’t think that ‘this stillness’ is so still, but it does come across as very calm and gentle. A great recommendation if you wanted to share music with the trees and wanted to be sure they appreciate it.

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