vylter & broccoli spheres – no kings

Artist: vylter & broccoli spheres
Title: no kings
Keywords: broccolispheres experimental churchwave electronic fourthwavespliceddynamics olympia plunderphonics vaporwave vylter Colorado Springs
Label: hypersleep sessions

With a surreal guitar strike and a sublime wordless vocal that plays itself out as if it’s coming out of a keyboard, vylter & broccoli spheres are opening the ‘no kings’ album like royalties would do. Although I’m not so sure if any of the royalties have made an actual album. They could if they wanted, I’m sure royalty could afford to pay musicians and studio time.. but I doubt it would sound as royal as the openings track in this album. An album that probably refers to the fair opposite of an popular album in the commercial zone by one of those rappers who married into a big brother family and got the gift of going a little loopy along the way. Hallelujah! We are here for the fun!

Indeed once we are in, it’s as if we are tossed into a chaotically buzzing church in which fanatic gospel is dripping down the walls & the word of Goth is filling up all that lays in between. No more Kings and queens and red carpets but a frantic moment in which the energy of faithful beliefs seems to flourish away in miracles full of love. It’s nice to hear even for a non believer. It will kindly makes you want to sing hallelujah over and over again! Do it as if you believe it – it kinda makes you feel funny and good inside.

The acapella heroes of this church slap around on a slow electro clap, making us feel as if we had been tossed into a happening generated by special skilled humans that could transform the talented talents of others into something modern and next level. The talent is singing in harmonic ways and being able to make it all weird and amazingly modern along the way.

It feels good to hang around in this zone of ‘no kings’ especially when the music slips us into the corner of hip hopping rappers that hang around the bling area, the zone in which reality is fading into obscurity. It’s here that we can easily get lost. Nobody knows what east or west side is as thanks to excellent manipulation by vylter & broccoli spheres, we will happily embrace the coolness of being delightfully confused. Is Tupac still alive? Who knows anymore!?

Than vylter & broccoli spheres bring us to the chambers of big hearted female vocalists, one that enya wouldn’t feel happily surrounded by. It made me want to flip open a lighter and wave it in the air out of appreciation.

In ‘no kings’ things become a little bit more romantic too, probably done by smothering commercial boybands in the modern gender blender. All that is left out of them is seemingly very attractive to me; a limp here, an ear over there.

To calm this horniness “vylter & broccoli sphere” introduces the euphoric moment named ‘ Golgothan’ which feels as if it’s the theme music of Jesus coming slowly down to earth to do some business. How exciting! I’ll hope this legendary person will fix the planet rather quickly!

Rappers with speech impairment that makes them rap very slow come down to celebrate its arrival , jubilantly picking up the king from the stars, singing that they won’t let their family starve and all I can think of that this refers to either Jesus it’s reputation to turn water into wine and passing out lots of bread – or that these hungry rappers and their families would enjoy some holy case of cannibalism. Never knew vaporwave sounds could provoke such controversial thoughts!

It’s a whole collection of godly praises, hoping I’m not listening to that famous dude that took TV personality and cat actor James corden in a airplane for a flight of airplane karaoke, but I’m almost certain of it even though I’ve never heard it… so to me ‘this’ is the original and like ‘this’ it is actually listenable! Hallelujah praise the lord!

Than it’s time for something called ‘ Gaither Triage’ which seems to revoke the sound and feel of the first track on this album. A bit more religious perhaps but it makes us feel good. Do I feel some wings popping out of our backs by now? It wouldn’t surprise me a lot. After all ‘did you feel the Jesus – give us strength’ is a jubilant mantra that comes to us like a broken record that might reveal some revelation of the religious order. Here there might be no jesus kings – but secretly it feels as if vylter & broccoli spheres are doing gods work by bringing faith to the deepest of underground! Don’t think we will be saved, but who cares; a little gospel here and there makes the pains go away too!

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