vylter – v sea

Artist: vylter
Title: v sea
Keywords: aloha alabama electronic ambient electronic experimental electronic field recordings harmonica multigenre pop sea lions vocal westport Olympia WITCHFORK

As we sit on the landlord’s broken sofa on a grey London day in need of escape, we are transported to the beach of Washington State where vylter serenades the sea lions & gulls with harmonica in a swirling plethora of drones. This faraway place is called the ‘V SEA’ and we would like to share it with you.

Our eyes are closed and we can see the push and pull of the Pacific Ocean’s waves, we can taste the salt on our lips, and the sharpened wind wrapping around our throats. The music makes us drift in and out of consciousness.. all of the cars, sirens, and people walking down the street talking to themselves recede as we are sucked into the whirlpool of vylter’s heaving sounds.

We feel slightly nauseous, a seasickness perhaps, it is like a light version of your guts dropping just before the roller coaster hurtles downwards. The music is sucking us in deeper, assisted by the collapsing cushions of the sofa. Another couch spring breaks and we are done for, Our backs are hurting but vylter has us trapped, unable to move an inch. We surrender completely and are suddenly lifted upwards by what sounds like a swirling mass of bees, we have never heard of Beach Bees before but perhaps they are adapting to a new habitat now that humans have destroyed their natural one. We wonder what the sea lions might make of this, no doubt they are also under the spell of vylter and welcome some new insect friends.

The bees have rescued us from the whirlpool couch and deposit us gently on the sand. Phew! vylter is now playing the harmonica in the water, thigh-deep as the waves pulse around, almost swallowing our musician friend. But vylter is undefeated and stands strong against the tide and blows even harder, like a ship at sea sounding the fog horn. We open our eyes to find that we are now lying on the floor in our kitchen/lounge – How did this happen? How is it that we were magically transported in reality just as in our half-waking dream?

If you need to escape a dull winter day, or a hot burning summer day, take the time to lose yourself in the meditative droning bliss of ‘v sea’:



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