Origami Repetika – bedside live

Artist: Origami Repetika
Title: bedside live
Keywords; easy listening, slow jam, melodramatic, chillwave, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lo-bit
Label: 8Ravens http://8ravens.blogspot.com

Origami Repetika is sounding absolutely wonderful. I knew that already from years of listening experiences, yet Origami Repetika still manages to even surprise and overrule the expected wonderfulness that I had been so accustomed with.

Especially this release that contains music played, made & recorded by Origami Repetika in his bed. It feels absolutely as if we are there in the bed with Origami Repetika, nicely under the blankets while laying our head on a pillow with our ears sticking out in order to hear a very personal and safe sounding friendly performance of spontaneousness.

Origami Repetika’s simply doodling away in constructive relaxed guitar poppiness, with a flair that only could come from a friend that you trust blindly. Origami Repetika loves you so much that he allows you to be there into the place where he sleeps and does most of the magic, which admittedly is one of the places that is the most personal and private, yet Origami Repetika let’s us in and shows his improvisational happiness that will make every listener feel lovingly at ease.

Origami Repetika’s laid-back style, feels like a loving musical kiss on the forehead and a hand into the warm loving intimate zone. Just relax and settle down as Origami Repetika plays its things like a charming cozy troubadour that has no double agendas and is just there doing what the artist loves to do; charming you with his personal style that is honest, easy going and quite the charmer.

It makes you feel as if Origami Repetika is your best mate, your pall and closest of friends & that’s something a lot of musicians seems to miss out on – even if they whisper in your ears – they won’t come across as so free and personally honest and caring as Origami Repetika in his bed, showing us his 8kbps load of wonderfulness. So sweet! So nice! So free! So no nonsense and friendly!

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