Outback Frequencies (A Benefit for WIRES) by AMPLIFY SOUTH

Artist: various artists
Title: Outback Frequencies (A Benefit for WIRES) by AMPLIFY SOUTH
Keywords: experimental australia bushfire relief electronic lo-fi ambient charity album dark ambient drone idm techno Greenville

Hello, welcome at our humble blog again? How are you? Have you been walking around toxic smog? Did your house burn down or collapse from an earthquake? Did your area get flooded by water? Things happen, right? But is it all natural? Maybe if we consider the earth’s worst inhabitants ‘nature’ and all that they produce – consume and toss away – nature’s cause.. but shouldn’t ‘humans’ be more mindful, more intelligent to shit and poop all over the environment that they share with nature and other animals?

At least not every one is brainwashed and more and more humans are awake, every bit and bulb counts in order to not go down the road of ultimate disaster. The multi riches probably already got their space rockets ready to leave this planet if they sucked the last golden coins out of the environment. But let’s not start to wave these evil overlords goodbye just yet and enjoy and embrace any effort of good humanity & hopefully change the course where everything seems to be heading. For example, listening and enjoying this fine compilation which shouldnt poison the world + if you donate, all proceedings will go to Wild Life Rescue Australia; a case much more important than sponsoring a capitalists’ belly flap. … let’s check it all out shall we?

A Pale Void – Woven Memories

Beautiful warm tones, courageous heartwarming sounds blending acoustics and electronica kindness together for a session that feels like a gentle lengthy hug, one that makes it come across as a place to feel free to shred a tear for all animals in trouble or that had fallen in the troublesome zone of climate change. If only our tears could have been collected and sprayed over the burning bush fires when they had been roaming around… Luckily every penny that you can spend on this compilation will go to Help the wildlife. A thing much more helpful than your sending your salty listener’s tears.

Astronot – Water, Water

We all had the same in mind when seeing the hellish pictures and videos of Australia going up in flames, all we wanted was more and more water to be send in, thrown over the fires that had devastated so much in such a horrid way. Astronot seems to have thought the same and made music that comes across as the music of euphoric angels coming to help, gathering clouds of love and liquid in order to save the country with enormous amounts of fresh rainwater.

Bioni Samp & Ebe – Skippy SOS

It’s all about quick response and action & Bioni Samp & Ebe seem to be all about providing the right sound track for this. A nice bounce and speedy vibe for kangaroos to hop into safety! Let’s hope that pandas cling to their backs as they hear this excellent music that is clearly generated to help this horrible happening to get under control.

Wounded Hollow – Cosmic Author

If music could heal, the Cosmic Author would be the plaster on a lot of wounds. It’s very subtle and smooth, a kind hearted drone that will make everything better and send out miniature vibes to restore what had been broken. With possible piano tones here and there you will feel in the safest of hands.

Gloom Mountain Gospel – That Cold Dark Mountain

To hide from all the hot times of a burning hell hole the Gloom Mountain Gospel provides a delicious cool place where we can all be fathers highly upon. From here the view is intensive, an amazing sight with rhythmic natural happenings that seems to protect us all from any danger. An intriguing place to be on its own, so we will never be bored while we discover the safety net that is this music.

SAKI BOMB – Australia

Somehow SAKI BOMB had chosen not the side of disaster or playing doctor, but instead made the music to lift the entire place called Australia up in the air for a happy positive moment of glorification and reflection. A little bit of dancing is a nice way to find some peace and distraction.

JMoNoisey – The Pain of Being

JMoNoisey goes more for the introverted sound, one to sit in and think about the world, the sad happenings and perhaps gain a little wisdom along the way. It’s good to be sad sometimes and this music let us be that…

Sonny Hancock – The Lost Art of Subtlety

But we can’t sit down with our head in our hands all the time, we got to stay positive and happy, energising ourself with the intention to be able to change and stop the destruction of the planet, smile upon our fears and gain some good vibes that makes us feel happy and good for a fruitful future o joy and hopefulness. Sonny Hancock knows how to plug into this vibe of everything becoming alright if we all just do our best and follow our hearts.

k.rosakruz – Draw me Fourth

Here we can hear entire blocks of crushing ice, respectively battling climate change disaster with their own crunchy and croaky sounds of earth’s warming. You can hear the Heath shining through this rhythmic endeavour & all we can do is hoping that everything will balance out right.

mrscientficterms – Song for Greta

The worlds favourite hero fighting for the future of the planet against obnoxious heads that prefer money above a healthy future for Mother Earth , the ones that breath solely greed instead of hearing the cries for help to save the world from total disaster. Her name is Greta Thunberg. The real life pipi longstocking who is stronger than anything and determent to change and stop climate change.. her words and courage have set entire movements up around the globe, all awoke and aiming to overthrow the ignorance; she had conquered the hearts of many and here (thanks to mrscientficterms) she gets some artistic love back with a cool ass industrial song featuring her own passion for change!

We Are Ants to Them – Coalmine Canary

Experimental electronic ants might melt in this soundscape of muddy excellence. Slowly they become a muddled pool of flubber inside a adventurous electric collage that puts the weird upfront as the lunatics that will save this planet!

X a m b u c a – Obliquity

With twinkling little stars as sounds we are greeted here like a children program aimed for youngsters that slowly but surely falls into a more grimy zone. Once we have arrived the tonal low lying bass is poking into our deepest senses before giving us the transformation of these Stars that had become like the alarm bells that are placed on speedy motors that drive off into outer space for a hopeful survival. It’s quite spectacular!

Yates Zaldevour – 7in x9 AUS

Warm bombastic thickness bulging around these areas over here. It’s the sound of a dystopian world in which nature seems to want to take it back, turn everything upside down for a return to prehistoric time son which dinosaurs roamed the world again and the cockroaches of the planet (hello humans!) had been successfully wiped out.

Daniel Simpson – Radio Free Europa

A very subtitle ending on this wonderful compilation of diverse electronics comes in the shape, form and sound of Radio Free Europa by Daniel Simpson. It’s the wordless soundtrack that every household would secretly enjoy to be plugged into, hearing the music that makes the future less bleak. A thing that seems a theme on this compilation – a joy to hear and to have & helping a good cause at the sane time! Save and help the Wild life in Australia and help yourself to some excellent electronic music along the way:



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