Verses Records Sampler Vol. 3 by Verses Records

Artists: various artists
Title: Verses Records Sampler Vol. 3 by Verses Records
Keywords: asheville electronic experimental ambient indie indie rock neo-classical. various artists various genres Washington
Label: Verses Records

In case you think we are slow in updates over here… we’ll blame the music. Some of it has been so good that it seems to abduct us and simply takes over all our senses and abilities. This collection of ‘music’ by artists associated with Verses Records is something that is such a adventure that it felt like I’ve gone in for a year or so. In reality I don’t know how long I’ve gone, but trust me the experience is highly worth it and truly be recommended. So please do take some time off and slip and slide yourself into a world of peculiar sound, melodies and performances. No need for magic mushrooms to get this trip started!

Anyhow I managed to keep a log book with notes in while traveling through this enormous happening, so you can read along if you feel you are in need for a little guidance:

Spectral Habitat – Atlas: Modular Remix

I close my eyes and go through various tunnels. I’m not using my legs but somehow can just flow weightlessly in a peculiar upwards way; a thing that astronauts in space would probably not even be able to achieve, but so had hoped for when they were still little kids dreaming of a spacious career. Apparently i’m visualizing a Spectral Habitat and most particular “Atlass: Modular Remix”. You can name it whatever you want, but it is clear that the walls and surreal surroundings here are seemingly build out of vocal tones.

These vocal tones seems to be the main attractions over here, but they are kind enough to let electric sounds in to slip kindly through them. They must really enjoy those pulsating pulses as it is obvious that they are coming out of a nice kind form of energy. Not the kind that liquidate people as they sit nice and tight on the electric chair.

When these electric pulses finally kicked completely through, it was as if am electric razor had been pulled out, ready to remove the neck hairs from a random customer at the local luxury hair salon: It is the kind of thing to hear that will be making sure we (the cuckoo listeners with our eyes closed) will come back down to earth from this dream of floating around in a humble fantasy world. We might even open our eyes in panic; probably thinking that we had fallen asleep while getting a haircut! (you can’t trust these hairdressers these days!)

Tristan Welch – 8 Hours

After waking up, we can quickly go back to dreamland again as we get easily seduced into a wonderful landscape of easy tones that spread out a calming peace, one that begs for our emotional tears to come out – so much so that it would be enough to feed the plants, grass and all that had been thirsty over there for some very salty eye juice. You can hear that it is in need, perhaps even a bit sad that you didn’t have time to visit these 8 Hours by Tristan Welch a little bit sooner, but happy to finally see that you made the effort to hop in.

Sure, everything there is happily drinking your salty tears as if it’s the best liquor in the world. Even I try to milk out of your eyes like a true V.I.P. with a taste for luxury. And who knows, your tears might be the best liquid in the world – it might be true, who knows?

Luna Honey – Rapture

From here it is recommended that we keep our eyes closed and our tears to ourselves. I mean, we don’t want to flood the entire earth and create some kind of unnatural phenomenal disaster. Instead it is time to step through a powerful song. One that creates a story line that lets us believe as if we have arrived in a western landscape, there we are seemingly in search for a bounty hunter… A bounty hunter who is able to hopefully get rid of these other bounty hunters once and for all. As geezzz… they can’t be really nice, right?

Luckily the ‘Rapture’ music by Luna Honey is actually really nice, compensating for all the baddies that made the wild west such a Hollywood place to avoid. Luna comes with a bass line that is cool and full strength, tones of guitar that are played at all the right amount of minimal places, a style that makes you shoot sooner than your own shadow! This one is simply striking a pose that is not to be screwed with.

One that goes well with the shadowy place under our sun protective cowboy hat as the music makes us step through the ghost town in a wild style landscape. With a wonderful strength, a voice sings the last cowboys and cowgirls away, so we can go astray and explore this place with no single bit of fear in our body. We will get the bad buddy even without the need of a hunter, just stick our nose out and we will find this weirdo – no matter where this person is hiding!

Free Soil – Sea level rise and direct population impact: statistical data 2100 6ft (1.288 meters)

The dream show continues whether our eyes are open or closed, as we are now dipped into the melting pot of kind hearted trippiness, one in which a frank, but friendly alien tells us about the unfortunate state that planet earth is in. It is done in such a warm loving bath of hypnotic sound that we might think that these warnings are not real, that they are simply a pigment of the imagination slipping through an lsd trip of wonderful sights, the kind in which everything breaths life and reveals the vibe of us all being connected together. Yep, complex things but what would a simpleton expect from ‘free soil’? Just a handful of soil and no complexity? Earth’s soil is complex and wonderful, Just look at it through a magnifying glass.

Gel-Sol – YolkAF

Things just don’t settle down in the psychedelic beauty department, deliciously flowing through a kind hearted psychedelic wonderland of petite melodic loveliness that dances through each other like tip toeing little miracles that are so full of love that it makes everything seems to be astoundingly beautiful. I recognised the sound and style immediately as the most psychic sounding trip worthy music by Gel-Sol which was quite a thing of interest in normal daily life, but the electric trip with its unexpected twisty ending was enough to know that this music can’t be predicted and only recognised. In the final bits we end up high in the stars, finding a place to get shot through a black hole, ready for a brand new adventure at the other side! It’s a bit like being pooped out but than you are a beautiful extract and the world is a fantastical place to be.

Hieronymus Bots – robo(tuss&_blooz))

Our eyes are wide awake now, or perhaps our head is tricked into thinking that’s the case. As all where we look the future seems to greet us fanatically over here. Now it might be the right time to wave our flag and do a little bowing to welcome our new overlords. They do come across friendly but mechanic and probably sensitive for rust. These ganatic robots are dancing and showcasing fantastical moves in a bouncy environment, one in which gravity is playing tricks on all the technical movements and where oil is the hardcore liquor that these robo friends seem to drink as funky fuel! Cheers!

Acef Stripe – Blossom

Suddenly we are in heaven, a place that we aren’t allowed to be just yet, so we are quickly falling down endlessly through a magical tune in which fluffy leafs that are soft as feathers tumble around us, it provokes a sensation of love and weightlessness, a good combo that is filling up the air & all we can do is let them in. No gas mask allowed! A little risk here and there isn’t at all such a bad idea! But oh wrllA Santa on a sleigh passing by, shaking its shakers full of blossom until we gain a delicious smile and reddish happy cheeks from purely experiencing this delightful sensation.

The Hunted Hare – Ever After

Once we have landed on soft ground, it’s in the warm caring arms of The hunted Hare, who caresses with enormous amounts of laid back kindheartedness in melodic form. There we are like miniature hares in the hands of a carer that treats us with only the best warm loving vibes that anyone could possible wish for. Our long ears are being stroked and licked by a imaginative tongue of motherly love & our skin of music is soft like velvet.

BellyFullOfStars – Callista

More and more we find the ultimate bliss to twirl around in, everything is beautiful over here. We might not be a baby Hare anymore but the world around us is overwhelmingly beautiful that we just don’t care anymore! all is like crystal clear sparkles full of clarity, shining over us like the wings of a feathered angel that loves to look out for us. How nice to be surrounded in such a world of wonders. We don’t understand what we have done to deserve such wonders, but will embrace it with all our might and glory.

MASLO – Winterwalk 05:0

Suddenly the scenery has changed; we are stepping through the snow, with big feet as if we are the mysterious yeti ourselves. The ground crunches between our bare toes. It’s a cozy and special sound and feels so nice and elitist. Not every earthling has known this feeling of snow under our feet… It only gets better as the lovely singing gorgeous vocals of snow-angels are coming down to visit us on our walk. They are humbling us down with a wonderful delight that can only be described as a blessing from above. They fly around us, making us forget that we are walking, even letting us believe that we might be flying in unforgettable realms until it’s time to go back to the snowy crunchy steps of semi reality.

Dublock – Land of Hope and Glory

Beautifulness seems to be where this is all heading and indeed when we are at Dublock’s Land of Hope and Glory; this is where we are finding ourselves. Everywhere we look the land looks incredible pretty. There might not be any snow anymore, but that doesn’t matter as the landscape that is made out of pure music is a Apple for the eye, something that seems to be endless and ready to be explored with the bare eyes or through binoculars. You can even smell flowers!

James Wolf & Raven Bauer Durham – Moraine

To cool down from all the blissful heavenlines, James Wolf & Raven Bauer Durham are sketching a cool place of serene shadows that dance all over our fantasy. It’s a moment to be under the gigantic leafs of enormous plants that we haven’t yet encountered here on earth. It gives us a well needed break from all the glitter and glory that poked in our eyes, even though you can still feel the sparkles shining through as they peek at us from the skies above. Here we can relax, drink cold lemonade and shovel around the cool sound for a moment of refreshing sounds.

A Pale Void – Paradisiac

We keep ourselves walking in the shadowy world with Paradisiac as given birth here by A Pale Void, but it’s a pleasant temperature of musical vagueness that ruled the sceptre here. We can clearly hear a composition that is slumbering around like a snake with the body-like specialties of a octopus. Nice and wet and able to mold itself out of any possible hole, it’s so flexible that it offers any obstruction a slippery escape route. The sight of this remarkable audio creature is like meeting a Houdini of animalistic proportions; fascinating and cool headed & something you never find in your local zoo.

Ihcilon – To:

Slowly we are driving off with our minds into lunacy. It isn’t a full on surprise as being exposed to such amounts of excellent music certainly could play tricks with the mind. Suddenly we are greeted with a tone that seems to be occupied by the less commercial nephew of a legendary mister oizo, this one individual of sound seems to talk without words and provides the nicest wobbling wobbliness that goes well enough with the sound that it clearly seems to have befriend it in order to play psychedelic trickeries on our ears and mind connections. A hypnotist that uses audio to grab us in a special way.. Ihcilon sets our world upside down, hypnotises us with rhythm and noise and super special notations to get our eyes all twirly in circular motives. We are in trance and loving it!

wkujater – hahdamkul

Out of all the moments on this adventure the scenery provided by wkujater couldn’t come at a better time: A delicate techno track that comes without beats and train wreck sounds that will easily delight us all. The energy is here and the melodic pulse flows deliciously around to sit and minimally rave upon. There we drive over the techno sound as if we sit in bright costumes on a ravenous caterpillar of melody that enjoys our companionship as much as we enjoy it’s tiny feet hobbling around. A moment of stress free happiness is all that it takes to capture our hearts even more…

A.T.K. – Sharp Pieces

And than it happens; An enigmatic appearance of music and theatric performance by A.T.K. One that rhythmically mixed every possible bit of goodness, with noisy bits and a passionate vocative presence delivering ‘sharp pieces’ like no one else could possible do. Its over the top, it is charming, it’s like the mad hater in Alice in wonderland on stage with a microphone. Dressed to impress and fully confident to bring you entertainment that you can’t resist to fall for. It’s like a endless warrior groove that brings a delivery of cultures in one go & resisting it would be the most ignorant thing that anyone could possible do! Dancing around is what we do and all we wished for where mini skirts made out of straw to top it all off! We dance and dance until the night falls…

Illumination Station – Night

We will hang out in the good vibes for a nightly after party among crazy critters, super interesting bugs, fanatically fun insects and other happy sound making extraordinaries. They know how to be themselves, how to party hearty and show that everyone is unique and that all together we are a great bunch of acceptance and fun. Illumination Station is bringing the moment of togetherness, of freak acceptance and individuality; everyone is all smiles over here even though the end of this mega audio adventure masquerading as a label sampler is slightly coming to a nearby end.

Baylies Band – Fashion Mullet

Before the special night is over, a wonderful appearance by the Baylies Band will take over, seemingly on stage ready to provide the joys of songs and singing to this festive reality. They sing and deliver a song of how it was in the past, one in which their passionate dream had remained but the hairstyles that surrounded it have changed or simply disappeared. The music that speaks to our booties to move and wiggle around tell the story about the mullet. In a rocky session of sentimentalists galore it’s blasting itself back in the past, in which the band was making money while wearing home made shirts, capitalising with love on the entire mullet life style. We don’t shed a tear as we feel that the vibes of positivity remains and the mullet might make a return in fashion anno the year of 2020! Are my you entertained yet?

JMoNoisey – Do You Think

Of course after such a blatant case of frontal show on a podium we might want to go to the back of it all. Luckily JMoNoisey knows a way in into the way out. It’s there that we are given the rare opportunity to listen to the backstage area of the matrix, hearing beyond the curtains of reality, seeing through the ears all the generated illusions and how they are connected and generated. Things rattle, words of wisdom rumble robotically around that will make you question everything around you. It’s us walking around the electrodes of life, peeking through the wires and cables of how it all works; perhaps a forbidden area only to be seen by the gods of creation (as falling over one of these wires might have destructive consequences) but feel actually very familiar and nice to walk around in.

mrscientificterms – The Mathematics of Defeat

But than at the end we know that this might be beyond our marvellous minds and irresistible finger tips. As things are becoming strange and full of mysterious errors, as if the dinosaurs of a robotically mechanic future have roamed in to kick down the doors, set everything in a bolstering muscle of glitch and slight evilness, ready to escort us out through a spectacular scene that we might catch a glimpse from before waking up in the reality again where we had been listening to a sampler of amazing music brought to us by Verses Records. Wow! It took me years to write this report as I’ve become so lost in these musical happenings of adventure – but here you have proof! Now it’s up to you to dive in and explore:

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