Stephanie Merchak – Imagine A Story And Fill In The Blanks

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Imagine A Story And Fill In The Blanks
Keywords: dark minimal dark techno electronic dubtechno experimental electronic Montreal
Label: D.M.T. Records

Like a organic gas that contained an entire epic moment of a full on orchestra that gives it all in their highest heights of an epic performance, Stephanie Merchak twist the knobs of the musical oven open and close & open again in order to direct this sensational sensation in a constructive way. We get the big clouds of music in and out of our ears, feeding us listeners with excitement and longing for a full blown time in which the director throws us the entire orchestral drone to us for a case of a solid overwhelmed feeling, but instead of this becoming a reality, the artist shakes us by surprise by feeding us constructive fancy dance kicks, a irresistible groove with computer blips and a determent pulse that would exercise great pleasure in the clubbing world. Oh la la!

With huge precision Stephanie Merchak controls the techno knobs like a maestro that knows what the public wants, needs and how to give it to them. It might be extremely minimal but Stephany Merchak knows that this will capture the lot in a static hypnotic session & underlines the truth that less is more.

After the universal dancing it’s time for us to shimmer around in a underground scene in which old DX sounds are creating the tempo for us to crawl on our bellies for. Things are dirty as if we have to slippery slide with our heads down through earthly sensations, smelling the mud and the sand like a wiggly earthworm that loves the grittiness of electronic sounds so much that we got to sniff it upfront and close! Ah! This music smells lovely over here!

Once we have accepted the truest state of being in the realms of the underground, being all smothered into it like a nature lover that likes to get itself nice and dirty; Stephanie Merchak gives us the audio delicatessen of pushy bass and techno material that wouldn’t feel out of place at a ‘cone down’ corner at a Goa rave. People with eyes as big as plates are easy to be imagined over here, hydrating themselves with this stable groove of dance art and it’s submissive party-hearty participants.

In the end the magical mystical number under the dance culture ‘606’ has been ordered to kick in with a round ballsy sound that keeps repetitively bouncing up and down for an instant mass hypnosis. Stephanie Merchak feeds it dreamy bells, superb nastiness of dangerous sounding sounds while complimenting it with a energising rhythm that slips us all straight to the professional ‘let’s get f*cked up’ zone. This audio production is done with so much excellent expertise that it functions as the trustable chaperone and sneaky adventurous druggy friend at the same time, giving all what you didn’t expect but what everyone actually had been in great need for; a nifty release of irresistible music that aims at your dancing feet as well as your dreamily spaced out heads!

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