Catherine Meeson – The Call of Oma

Artist: Catherine Meeson
Title: The Call of Oma
Keywords: electro pop ambient ambience cinematic electro-classical electro-orchestral electrofolk music theatre mythological new age music soundscape soundtrack space music Melbourne

Catherine Meeson sailed the powers of nature to deliver us an album of significant proportions. She stands firm on a boat of heroines as Oma, floating her ship of melodramatic bigness like a seasoned warrior princess whose out to reclaim the earth’s health for a promising future. She will show no mercy!

With ‘The Call of Oma’ she might bring the mood of something resembling a strong bird that had survived a oil spill, regained strength and clean feathers that are tougher as before! Ready to revenge and settle the wrongness that had been done throughout the years back into something good for the greater good.

The waves under her strong will have never been so powerful , you can hear the seriousness dripping of her musical aura! she spirals in her own fierce powers and fully embraces the proud reach of magic, a thing whose sacred secrets had gone from generation upon generation. With ancient flair she spreads her larger than life aura all over us, with fanatic frolic of believable folklore she will face the new era with enough emancipation to rule it once again!

Join her on a journey that goes over the universal sea, be next to her and witness the strongly determent life style that is all about following the ancient predictions, the one in which she would be one of the leaders of the courageous pact that defends & protects all universal interests! That stops the earth from heating up, from burning down and melting the ice mountains; it is time for action and Oma is the one to awake the sleeping dogs among the human race before it’s too late!

She will be executing the Wild task to charter more and more followers along the way of her journey , ready in order to form an army of soulful fighters that are willingly fit to take back from the rogues, the looney evil doers and the systematically brainwashed who are consisting of the deluded masses that had gone through the roads of delusion & now are in need to get a kick into the right direction. Oma is calling up for action! Oma is the legend proven to be real!

The mystical warrior slips and slides proudly through the centuries, goes way back to the times when the artic was fully frozen, all the way to the state of the nowadays. Wherever Oma goes She graciously doctors up the earth by singing with her aromatic voice, teaming up with the birds that are living in the moment, one enigmatic enough that it could break the ice between eco warriors and normal babylonians to unite for action.

With a weight to her demands and seriousness that is most Devine, the messages of red alert will even wake up the keyboard protestors enough to unplug themselves from the internet and face the real ness of the outside state. The guardians of the earth will be all awoken in each and everyone of us as Oma delivers herself as the chosen one that guides us into the right direction of change!

Oma clearly comes from a timeless time that feels so wise that she had been probably around before the word ‘wisdom’ had been invented. She waltzes through the dark ages, have seen the corrosion of the rocks, witnessed the birth of grass and had viewed many clouds come and go. She knows which ropes to pull and which ones she has to let go in nature’s way; it feels like we can trust her, she had been here on earth from its early beginnings and will spread her wings over it to avoid its final unbearable endings.

Oma the clan member, a leader, strong willed prophet whose history and long levity might have been removed from history books had simply enough of staying hidden, followed her own nose to beautifully sing her amazing calls like a magical connection to the earth’s liquids, air, sand and fire, controlling the waves to get us inspired wherever we are. After all humans are on average consisting of 60 percent water, so it makes sense that her songs of passion and melodic baldness sail straight through us.

The ice is melting, forests are burning and the petrifying dragon that comes from the sky coming down are simply making it a hellish scenery; but following Oma and being inspired by her leading appearance will give us all the touch of ancient faith and hope, enough to avoid more fatal Catastrophes than that mother earth will be able to swallow and handle.

The call of Oma is not your average light bit of entertainment, no background easy listening material – but the sound of an folklorist legend that had come very much alive & does everything in her might and glory to get you on her side!

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