Vinyl Dial – The Flight of the Crown Hawk

Artist: Vinyl Dial
Title: The Flight of the Crown Hawk
Keywords: bedford electronic ambient avian experimental neo-prog prog rock progressive progressive rock progwave psychedelic rock space rock synth rock vaporwave Netherlands
Format: tape / digital
Label: Seaside Tapes

Oh my goodness! I think that listening to the music of Vinyl Dial in combination with a hopeful mind that wanted to report on it was making some kind of error in my brain. I wrote a lot, but if things made any sense – if any of it is readable or simply said; if any of it might even be considered to be a review or a write up by the world wide professional Music organisation is a very big question. I guess if you are in search for clarity and normal words about music you wouldn’t be here anyway, so maybe losing our membership card to be called a journalistic music blog is simply worth the risk, as this album deserved some attention and love – even if it’s a bonkers one! So yes, here is a rambling bunch of words donated to the listening experience of this experimental progressive rock album by Vinyl Dial, released on a wonderful looking tape that ships with a guitar pick! THAT on its very own is already reason enough to skip the crap and order this tape & guitar pick straight away!

Do get it over here:

Still here? Really? Alright than… here is the review or write up or whatever you want to call it:

Here we go: lift off! Speedingly with a comfortable tempo through the skies of musical soulfulness between clouds full of puffy goodness. Where will this flight leads us? Hong Kong? Far away places? Will we do some airbus sightings that travel through various destinations?

Nope; we are there tumbling around until we will be flying in stableness around these clouds that airplane passengers stare at through their windows, as most of their flights fly steadily through the air will do. There we visit the cloud friends from upfront and close, while a bird named Vinyl Dial shapes them in the finest glorious ways. Just see the beast fly around in order to create some fantastic designs mid-air. It’s a true artist!

The shapes of the clouds themselves are so pleased with the makeover results that they sing to us with a voice of melancholic delight. They like their fantasy shaped selves, happily speaking to the imagination of anyone that sees them, but also as they like to look around at themselves; it’s a glorious case of floating forms that feel good in their own skin & happily compliment their good looks. They are fluidly confident enough in order to either be all kind and happy , wether they are round or spiky and rocky! These shapes are all about the adventure of creativity and openness! It’s progressive art – you know?

Than we pick ourselves up to fly along the airways with the flight of the prominent crown hawk, one whose wings flap energetically through the air, up in the sky like a unstoppable character that drinks motor oil for breakfast and has its feathers made out of solid leather. It’s a cool bird! Probably wearing sunglasses even in winter time…

It’s one of the toughest and freest birds out there & going along with it feels like an interesting guide that will take us to floaty situations that we wingless creatures could have never had experience before. Which dodgy clouds will we visit? Which kind of life altering experiences will it offer us? Will it feed us cigarettes or electric smoke thingies so we can create our own clouds?

In its stream, behind the bird’s feathery tale, we follow as if it’s a ride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with gigantic steamy wings attached to it. We experience friendly sightings below us , enjoy the freedom of successfully defeating gravity as rocky music fills up our veins, done with enough powers to conquer any obstacle & view with delights the interesting landscapes as the metallic music throws its powerful drum rolls and guitar riffs to keep this flight going wilder and wilder. It’s making us into a cool bird too!

When flying along we might believe that this all might be a big part of a fantastic dream, that we aren’t awake and this music is part of our imagination; throwing us rock gods in the shape of birds at us, a bit like the musical ‘cats’ threw horrid Hollywood celebrities at our feet, but than of course much nicer and cooler!

Together they are feeding us voices in the darkness along with twinkling fantasies. We can hear a earthly male voice merging along with the chattering chirps of random other birds and it makes us feel good,as if we are not the only one in this crazy world of artistic cloud shapes and wild hawks as guides. Some have a few cockroaches on their back; a sign for being indestructible!

The more we flow and accept this path of weightlessness, we can hear the progressive rock with enduring piano progressions luring us in with a fancy impression of dreams. All
I can say is that turning us into a bunch of cool Birds of prey is a really great bonus along with the guitar pick ; plenty of reasons to get on board and pick up the flight of the crown hawk from the hottest link online:

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1 Response to Vinyl Dial – The Flight of the Crown Hawk

  1. parkermccoy says:

    Very in-depth review! Twinkling fantasies sound interesting and possibly dangerous. Haha.

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