Lee Riley – Radiant Waves

Artist: Lee Riley
Title: Radiant Waves
Keywords: experimental avant garde cinematic dark ambient drone guitar noise soundscape Oxford

The end of the future. How does it sound like? Will we be there to hear it with our very own ears? Will this end be here quickly or do we have to wait again for some guru to tell us a specific date and hopelessly fail with its prediction? Well, I guess that the creator of this album didn’t wanted to wait any longer, didn’t wanted us to wait any longer too & that’s why Lee Riley brought us the end of the future in music form. Thank you Lee!

It sound nothing like I was expecting, which is totally a good thing. It sound very pleasant and warm, probably got something to do with the earth heating up – you could hear this crunchy drone bubbling up the earth’s crust as if it was a round pancake that had been frying in the pan for a little bit longer than expected. Here and there a nice brown layer with some burned side flaps on the edges; the end of the future is sounding less demonic or intense as the Hollywood doomsday movies are making us think it would be & instead gliding on guitar drone with the distortion box kindly pressed in for a nice uprising towards nothingness.

Apparently the end of the future is not really the end at all. Instead our ears will be greeted by a mirrored world, one that slowly glides in our ears like a long lick of life. With its sedating dark tones it’s as if our body is waking up from a long sleep, calmly greeting the new surroundings as if we are laying on recognisable debris that floats through the air at the easiest pace possible. Earth as we might have known it is no more, as the music provides us with an alternative. A surreal place in which gravity and surroundings are playing tricks with our minds, cultivating an abstract interesting place that will be greatly unknown to us from the start and upon its total revelation will stay nice but unpredictable. Where will this take us? Where will Lee Riley bring us?

Apparently it takes us to a moment that we couldn’t imagine to be in before, a time in which time itself is divided. A monumental feel of slipping and sliding behind the whole matrix facade and just be like a molecule among all other molecules. Our world of life is now completely made out of warm drone material, giving us some kind of peace that feels better than (what I could imagine) death will bring. Here we move as if in a little boat through the air of nothingness, calmly towards nowhere while hearing tones that do everything in their power to sedate us in total relaxedness. We are all one over here. Avoiding any reason for being panicked & just going with the flow that Lee Riley – like a god – provides over here.

We slip into the scenery of Radiant Waves, the kind that we embrace without wearing any hazmat suit and not the slightest bit of fear in our soul. The tone is like a warm bit cold continues breeze, a flush that is calmly telling us that we might be the only ex human over here, slowly revealing that the future might have not really ended for us, but for the rest of our fellow forms of life it probably did. We are just here floating around in overtime, delicately dressed in a delightful drone in which we can get all our thoughts slightly numbed, as what else can we do here in these hypnotic drone sequence than just be – now we finally might take up our forgotten hobby of meditation again – doing it as a bodiless nothing might bring extra pressure along, but if we just focus on the flow of these radiant waves, trying to become pleasantly one with them, this future of having no future is not unpleasant at all!

It’s peaceful and full of acceptance, warmth and knowledgeable like a scene in which we are out to be served the revelation of the meaning of life itself – but aren’t really there to comprehend or write it down – besides there is nobody else than us here so what would we do with such information? In other words – it’s best to just embrace the flow as provided by Lee Riley and do not think at all… ultimate relaxedness in a stress free environment of overtime will totally be yours!

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