Brian Bordello – Liverpool Hipster Scene EP

Artist: Brian Bordello
Title: Liverpool Hipster Scene EP
Keywords: alternative st helens accoustic guitar independent indie liverpool lo fi singer songwriter singer-songwriter songs uk world music Sydney
Label: metal postcard records

In a hipster proof stereo, Brian Bordello sings and plays in one side, while the other ear gets beautifully treated with a empty hiss. It will deliver a similar bliss that listening to the dusty sound that hip people love to praise their vinyl re-issues for. It’s perfect for the popular no-fi crowds that are now roaming the east end in search for pants with pre-made holes in it, probably keeping their ears open for authentic songs that can’t be found in the boxes of the left over lonely record shops out there or dodgy underground radio stations that they have trouble not shutting up about.

Within all this, it’s Brian Bordello who sings his meaningful heart out, without any pessimistic bone in there, you can clearly hear his honest charm that had made him beloved among all of us here. You might know this Brian from The Bordellos, or indeed as Brian Bordello – a musical troubadour, a lyrical genius, a singer songwriter with (it must be said!) sexiest male voice alive – an pleasant agent provocateur, an observer , a punk who is totally a romantic at heart, one that hasn’t placed a censorship sticker on any of his beloved and growing output. Brian’s freedom to express himself freely leads to wonderful results! He expresses himself in such a way that he could make listener’s melt more than a Paul McCartney could do. He also lacks shouting fans – so you could actually hear what he is so wonderfully singing about,

He is armed without any of the burdens that come along when being in need to please anyone or being enslaved by a commercial record label and tied up by a money orientated mega record deal, making Brian Bordello in the ideal position of doing what he enjoys most and offers anyone that is interested, a wonderful look into his world of personal music variability. He sings songs that are raw and sincere, very satisfying and probably almost too hot to handle for the electronic smokers under us. What do they call it? Vaping? I could imagine Brian taking those cloud machines out of idiots their mouths and breaking them as he repetitively stamps on them in time, but instead of him going ballistic or dreamingly serenading like a stalker under a woman’s balcony while throwing all his charm at her feet; this artist opts to not opt for violence or for possible restraining orders by following his creative and imaginative fantasy skills. He won’t break hearts or kicks physical hipster butts puts instead puts all his blues and thoughts in his songs that are utterly ear pleasers! Or actually the left ear – only – if you happen to hear them through a cosy set of headphones.

He provides them with unpretentious ramshackle acoustics, like a poet delivers his poems; full passion and inspiration, easily charming us with his pleasant songs that are either filled with love that would be the perfect gift on valentines day – if your love has good taste that is! Or are a nice jab at the annoying Liverpool hipster set that he truly seems to despise! And who in their right mind wouldn’t feel what Brian thinks minus the hipster themselves perhaps?

Brian (wether positive or negative) flips itself in the world of his personal muses wether they are attractive and beloved or despicable and deeply hated ! Brian Bordello dedicates himself to the art of expressing his deepest inner thoughts, wanders what rapunzel’s real name is and where the tragic goes, shimmers in fantasies and inspiring loves in his truest singer songwriter form, putting his mind on the line and his mouth where his words are. He might be the most honest and sincerest person out there – unfiltered, full of self knowledge, bemusing with the muses as he becomes a talented muse himself! This third solo outing is a must have, feel and hear! And nobody is holding a gun to my head as I type this, so it must be true! Get it now:

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