daftN0!ze – Summerhit

Artist: daftN0!ze
Title: Summerhit
Keywords: electronic, summer hit, best secret in the business!
Label: 20kbps http://www.20kbps.sofapause.ch/

If you are a musician / producer or just happen to appear interested in music, you might want to show great interest in this insider ultra bit of underground information that lays at your fingertips. As this daftN0!ze over here will guide you through the (normally) secret process of how to make a hit record. Or better said; a true summer hit single! If this doesn’t turn your eyes into dollar signs than nothing else will! Your prayers will be answered and if you are smart, your days of eating dry bread will soon be over!

As with a great summer hit in your pocket you don’t really need to have a hit record, as one single in the summer charts will be good for paying the rent for at least 5 years, maybe even more depending how catchy and timeless it is. In any case, we should all do a massive thanks to the kindhearted people of the fun loving underground label 20kbps as you are now able to listen to a professional summer hit maker, one who vocally and clearly tells you exactly what a hit needs, where everything within it needs to be placed and has to kick in.

daftN0!ze created the perfect educational master class session of how to make a summer hit for a price of absolutely nothing! Next to that whole music insider spoilage, the whole thing in itself is actually a real gem that has all the right facets to be a real hit ready to be blasted out on the summer of 2020 and considering its potent timelessness, probably could easily making a return in all the possible summers after it. The only three reasons why you haven’t heard of it yet is probably because; 1 it is hidden and wants only to be found by you, 2 is potentially the best kept secret in the music industry providing you everything to educate your producer skills in order to get your new track into the top of the summer charts and 3 it is so bloody enjoyable that you might only want to hear this summer hit no matter what season it is! So face it strongly!

Don’t think it will be done by a stark sounding head teacher with no joyous soul in its body, as this hit and mater class comes with the jokiness that a good spirited summer song needs. Armed with a pleasant vibe of high comedian attitudes it hits happy uptempo vibes, announcing and after inserting everything that a summer hit needs, like a true likeable and easy to follow caring music instructor.

It’s a full on experience, chewing out how to exactly get the best instantly satisfying results, laying out the road of true summer hit success by spilling all the beans of how to create one irresistible tune that radio deejays would all play every 5 minutes or so!
Maybe even back to back; that’s how potent this summer hit is! It is so great that it is sharing its inner secrets with all of you out there – it might be best to not share this article too much as if every wannabe music maker knows about this – the summer hits will be overcrowding – which would make your potential dream of becoming a hit producer that has to never work again a little bit more difficult. daftN0!ze gives it to you on a plate, just for you and your ears and eyes only! A generous and amazing gift that proofs that there are still generous music makers out there!

Think of instructions of how to create the perfect buildup, where to place the needed organ solo, how to get full on summer style with the unmissable breakdown and its come back for the ultra finale! It’s all nicely chewed out in easy to follow words by a likeable voice while everything is being shown in practice. It’s just wow! A greater insider gift you possible couldn’t wish for! daftN0!ze is so kind and generous that it even includes a lovely jam based on the same summer hit single – just for us (eager to be educated – soon to be millionaires) music lovers to dance and be happy about! Go get entertained, get rich and famous (if you want!) but whatever your intentions, you will be enjoying this free summer hit big time!

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